Saturday, February 23

Arena of Valor Tier List – underwhelming

Hello, and welcome folks, this is a section dedicated to Underwhelming Tier heroes for Arena of Valor game. On this page, we explore what it takes to belong in this tier and which AoV heroes are those.
This is an addition to the  Arena of Valor Tier List  and here we will explain in more detail why is some AoV hero placed on one part of the list and not on another.  For more in-depth details about the champion, click on the picture or the name at the start of every text.

Fair Tier heroes:
-Very few strengths.
-Severely lacking in more than a few important areas(control, mobility, damage, safety...).
-Require both him and the team to play in a certain way to cover its weak side.

At this moment Underwhelming-tier consists of next champions:

arena-of-valor-champion-mganga Mganga– This mid lane/support crazy clown is damage and healing machine (if those damned team-mates only stud still for a sec). Apart from that, there is nothing else in his skill-set, no mobility, no control. It is unlikely metagame to shift so he goes up, without any decent buffs from the developer side.
With a sad heart, we place Mganga on an Underwhelming list, as he is one of the favorite champ of ours.