Thursday, November 22

AoV Guides

Welcome to Arena of Valor Tier list by Blue Moon Game.

This is AoV tier list based on our experience and gameplay.

It is updated regularly, check it out here  AoV Tier List 

Mid Lane Guide

The Mid (short for middle) lane is the one in between the Dragon lane and Dark Slayer lane and in this short guide I will try to explain to you what the best picks are, how to play them, how to optimize your item build. Hopefully, you will be able to use all of this advice to win your lane.

AoV Mid Lane Guide

Dark Slayer Lane Guide

The Dark Slayer lane is obviously the one closer to the Dark Slayer (Purple Icon on the minimap) and in this guide, I will tell you what the best picks are, how to play your lane, and how to build your hero depending on the matchup. Hopefully, this advice will help you win your lane and ultimately, the game.

AoV Dark Slayer Lane Guide