Thursday, November 22

Arena of Valor Tier List Updated

Arena of Valor Tier Lists

This Tier List is being reworked from the ground up and will be out in a few days.

Tier: God


Tier S: (Demigod)

Elsu, Ryoma, Violet, Zephys, Liliana, Teemee, Wonder Woman, Max, Xeniel, Tulen, Baldum, Rourke, The Flash

Tier A: (Mortal)

Maloch, Joker, Omen, Ormarr, Pretya, Raz, Slimz, Lumbur, Lu Bu, Murad, Alice, Lauriel, Krixi, Krikknak, Arum, Yorn, Tel’Annas, Roxie, Y'bneth

Tier B: (Meh)

Zuka, Nakroth, Arduin, Gildur, Jinnar, Morren, Khalli, Kil’Groth, Wisp, Thane, Batman, Arthur, Azzen’Ka, Wukong, Zill, Chaugnar, Lindis, Airi, M’ganga, Annette.

Tier C: (Weak)

Taara, Skud, Natalya, Mina, Alistair, Astrid, Diaochan, Fennik, Grakk, Valhein, Cresht, Marja, Amily.

Tier D: (Useless)

Ignis, Illumia, Veera, Zanis, Omega, Toro, Peura, Butterfly.

Tier 1Absolute GOD tier

Superman - Absolute GOD of a hero when it comes to the Arena of Valor, he lacks nothing and yet he does everything. He controls, he is tanky, deals damage, pushes, de-pushes, whatever you need - Superman is best at it.

Tier 2 - Tier of heroes that adapt really well into the game state and are the best of the best

Elsu - Insane range, great burst, very good mobility, and great vision. Everything mentioned is packed withing Elsu’s skill set at the cost of being immovable during the time using Snipe and like less than second after the Snipe ends. So yes, Elsu has its big flaw, but with clever positioning and proper planning you can put strengths forward and eliminate flaws, or at least bring down to a minimum. So in the end, with Elsu, its all up to the player.

Ryoma - One of the best junglers in the game (if not the best). From low tier players to high tier players Ryoma can find his spot. A hero that's not that hard to play and has the ability to solo carry a game is a top tier in my book. Ryoma is one of the top-tier heroes and it would be shameful if no one recognizes his qualities and doesn't provide him with a safe spot in Arena of Valor Tier List.

Violet - Possible Jungler, possible ADC. Violet is got to be there at the top, her extremely high range and damage reserved this spot. The best part about Violet is that she can snipe the enemy backline without getting too far forward or having to go through tanks.

Zephys - A little bit of control, good bruiser, good burst and great jungle clear is what puts Zephys in this position. As your health goes down your damage reduction goes up and it applies to both armor and magic defense, your only weakness is against true damage, which is pretty scarce.

Liliana - A complete hero, the most complete there is. She did receive some small nerfs on stun duration and damage in the last patch but is still a top level pick. Liliana is extremely useful in any situation at every point of the game and if you want a playmaking hero Liliana is definitely a pick for you.

TeeMee - Extra gold for your teammates and unique ultimate is what earns TeeMee this spot. AoE stun and some mobility are also great, but clutching a 2-3 man resurrection with your ultimate is what makes this hero one of the best.

Wonder Woman - You will hardly ever lose lane with WW, you might not win it but you won't lose it. Great laning phase is almost guaranteed, good engaging potential with Lasso of Truth and team fighting power with Bracelets of Submission earns WW a spot in the top tier.

Max - Great bruiser and a 1v1 laner with an ultimate that lets him target enemy heroes anywhere on the map and makes you charge to it all adds up to a great Dark Slayer laner. You can push towers, be a nuisance and at the same time arrive at the team fights when necessary.

Xeniel - Similar to Max but with Xeniel you are less of a fighter and more of a control/support kind of guy. Heals, stuns and solid burst damage that makes you a threat at all times makes Xeniel a force to be reckoned with.

Tulen - Mage with such a great damage and mobility has to be on this tier, from minute one to the last you are a threat and you can kill anything. A solid range on spells and triple leap makes you hard to catch. While you are kiting you can deal a solid amount of damage.

Baldum - This bad boy is kind of new but I had to put him here. Great control and set up potential, one of the greatest tanks with skills like that he has to be the top pick.

Rourke - Versatile kind of marksmen but still best suited for jungle. If left unattended Rourke reaches a point where he roams around the map and just devastates anyone he meets, in team fights he shreds tanks and that's good enough for me.

The Flash - The Holy Trinity (Liliana, Tulen, The Flash) are all top picks for your middle lane. The Flash excels at maneuvering around the map and producing chaos wherever he appears. Cyclone's great team fighting mechanic (not that hard to combo with other heroes) and such a great engage/disengage is what puts The Flash easily at the top.

Tier 3 - Similiar to tier 2 but have a little bit more CONS then others.

Roxie - There are three things that stand out for Roxie. First, her entire toolkit is very well combined to provide enough sustain so Roxie won't ever teleport to base. Second and most important is her ultimate and ability to hook champion and drag him for the entirety of 2.5 seconds (your teammates will love you for this). Finally, her damage is so subtle that most people underestimate how dangerous she is. Her weakness, being prone to kiting, prevent her from being in the very top tier.

Maloch - is a good tank with good engage but he lacks other fields. His ultimate is not that hard to avoid and he doesn't have any reliable stuns and that is a kind of requirement to be a good tank. You got true damage/lifesteal and shields and you are a frontline meat but in the end, that's all you are.

Joker - He did receive some big nerfs in the last patch, I would put him a tier higher but like this, I don't think that is the case. You have great range and damage in The Killing Joke (Is that a rocket in your pocket?!) and disengage in Ultimate and your 2nd Ability, but I have a feeling that Violet has to be a tier higher than other when it comes to marksmen and that is why Joker is here.

Omen - Omen is good at 1v1 like really good, once the game heats up probably the best duelist in game, but he does lack in many other fields. In team fights, it's really hard to pick a battle with Omen and if you miss your Death's Sentance you are no longer that big of a threat, your passive also requires stacking, overall Omen is a great hero but not one worthy of a top tier.

Ormarr - Is a support hero (i had a feeling they had other plans for him, but it turned out like this) with a mobility skill and stuns, a lot of stuns. For you to be 100% sure when you are going to stun you need to stack your ability a few times and that mechanic kind of puts him back, even though your stun is AoE you do need to charge into the enemy team and you do need stacks, that's why Ormarr is where he is.

Pretya - Even though Pretya didn't receive any big nerf in the last patch, she fell down from being the top pick to almost never picked at all. Pretya and Lauriel where top picks up there with the Holy Trinity (The Flash, Tulen, Liliana) but meta shifted and it is what happens constantly, Pretya is a victim to that. Still a great hero overall.

Raz - Indeed a great champion and an awesome mage and the only thing that keeps him from top tier is his Difficulty. it's really hard to push Raz to its limits with all the step ups and backsteps and whatnot. If you want to be good at team fights maneuvering practicing Raz and being good with Raz is a way to go.

Slimz - Is a very mobile Jungler/ADC with great attack speed and great piercing effect and all that comes with that, but Slimz needs time for all of that to be great. If you fall behind with Slimz you are a spear thrower, and no one likes to be a Slimz spear thrower anyway, you need to stay ahead at all times, ganking is not that easy but if you do get to the late game (or get a lot of items) you are definitely a dangerous rabbit.

Lumburr - I personally love Lumburr, I enjoy playing him and I think he is the best there is... But that's not the case. Lumburr is a control machine with buffs and debuffs and he gives everything you could ask for, but he does lack some personal tankines. Overall great hero, great support would recommend absolutely.

Lu Bu - Lu Bu is a highly mobile warrior with great sustain and damage. But Lu Bu does lack in crowd control department and it's really hard to be efficient with it. It requires from you a great phone, great connection, and fast fingers but if you got all those you got nothing to worry about. Lu Bu is awesome at dueling and taking objectives if that's what your team needs go for it.

Murad - Too bad he is not a ninja (we do need more Ninjas in AoV), but he is an assassin and you don't want to be on the other side of the battlefield. Nice early game clear speed and as the game goes great poking ultimate with a ridiculously low cooldown is what Murad offers. The only reason why Murad is not top tier is that his ultimate requires unsealing, but his outplay potential and burst damage will always keep him on top.

Alice - If you ask me Alice should have a tier of her own (Up there with Superman) the only and her biggest problem is that she heavily depends on her team. You need to play with teammates that actually know how to exploit Alice's powers and actually know how to play the game, that is the only reason why I put Alice in this tier, there might not be a lot of reasons why, but it is a big one.

Lauriel - One patch one nerf and bam you drop down one tier. Lauriel was one of the best (she is still pretty good) mages in the game but such a huge nerf on her 1st ability has had a great effect on her gameplay. You are still really good mid laner, highly mobile and you can build tanky (rare to happen on a mage) but you just can't compete with anyone from the Trinity.

Krixi - This hero has seen such a rise in popularity after the last patch it is absurd. In the essence, she is the same the only thing she got is a little bit of animation speed and some cooldown reduction on her ultimate. Great mage, easy to land stun and a scary ultimate is what gets her up to this tier.

Krikknak - Again last patch changes... A hero who probably got the most out of the last patch is Krikknak, a huge damage buff on all of your skills has to get you a few tiers higher. Great mobility great damage great burst is all in all just great. You are a jungler so with everything mentioned so far, you can see why is Krikknak in the tier he is.

Arum - Is a tanky support with a such a great sustain, why put Arum this high in tiers? Well, she is kind of unpredictable and hard to play against. She has a lot of Fake HP and can provide you with a great stun and immobilize effect (her Ultimate).

Yorn - After the last patch when Yorn's 1st ability became a stun instead of a root the power he gained from that is huge. Just that little change puts him up closer to the top tiers, the only reason he isn't higher is because of what he lacks in the mobility department.

Tel' Annas - I put Tel' Annas in this tier only because of her increased range, for a marksman of this caliber, that sort of ability is too good and you really can't say that she is not one of the best. You do require to have a support close to you for your passive to work, and your ultimate is not easy to land but Tel' Annas is still better than others at using attack damage to carry.

Tier 4 - Close to tier above but heroes have one major flaw.

Annette - In theory, Annette is support hero at its finest. Nice AoE damage combined with slow, decent control from her second skill and ultimate that basically have Flicker built into it. Annette's weak point is her second ability. It is difficult to land properly as it needs targets to be aligned, and enemies that know how this champ work will easily position themselves to avoid its effects. Her ultimate is good as an escape option for you or your ally, it is extremely useful versus melee champions, not so against range ones.

Zuka - While Zuka is as strong as those in 2nd Tier I put him in this one because he is harder to play than others, while you also do need to stay ahead because your damage is most of your hero, you need to master Zuka really well to excel. You will find a similarity in difficulty between Zuka and Nakroth.

Nakroth - If u think about Nakroth he is probably top tier level hero but he is freaking damn oh my god hard to play. You have everything hero needs even more than what you need but for you to fully utilize it you need to spend hours and hours and hours playing Nakroth.

Arduin - I have to give props to Arduin for the versatility he offers, he does have a great set of skills that synergizes well with each other but it’s hard to utilize him to his full potential. If you play Arduin a lot you will see him lacking when compared to heroes from higher tiers, he is not for the tier above but he doesn't belong bellow and that's why Arduin is where he is.

Gildur - Gildur is all around good hero once you see his skills you will see that he is really sweet, but for him to provide you need to land a strong ultimate and that is no easy task. You get easily interrupted and if enemies are caught on the edge they can run out. And at the end, you will see that Gildur is just one more stun.

Jinnar - The infamous AoE god. Jinnar has really nice and great AoE damage but once again, that is all he has. His ultimate is nice since it gives damage reduction (both armor and magic defense) and has great AoE damage like his other skills, but Jinnar heavily lacks in control department and that is why Jinnar is Tier 4.

Moren - My personal experience with Moren is that he is something great something exceptional something flashy and awesome but, the more I played Moren the more it felt like he is not what I believed he is. The jungle is his main role and there is no discussion about it, but u must and absolutely must get ahead and stay ahead. If you die once or twice early or until you get some key items you will be no factor and easily fall off in the game.

Khalii - Mage with the biggest range in the game yet he is tier 4? Sounds weird and it is weird but that is where Khalii belongs. AoV is a fast pace MoBA and Khali just isn't that. Khalii has nice AoE damage and zoning capabilities but, you do lack heavily in CC department (even Jinnar has more) and you are only strong in your mid to late game transition.

Kil'Groth - He did receive some MAJOR buffs in the last patch but he did get some MAJOR nerfs in a patch before that and I am kind of afraid to put him in any tiers above. Kil'Groth needs a lot of time, and for this game that is never easy to give him. He is not a space maker he is a space taker and if provided with it you could see him solo Dark Slayer as soon as he arrives, but if you don't you won't see him in the game at all.

Wisp - Wisp would be much better if her passive got reworked. She has a little leap, a stun, and great AoE ultimate but her passive is worthless for a marksman, her scaling is solid and everything about her is solid. Overall Wisp is a solid marksman no more no less.

Thane - Thane is one of those defensive supports that are supposed to keep the enemy off your back. Thane has great control, nice amount of CC and great true damage ultimate (I personally believe it’s one of the best in the game), but you have what all other supports have. Thane doesn't belong tier higher as he doesn't provide you with anything exceptional, he is a classic defensive support. Great pick in some ways but an overall solid hero.

Batman - And finally our pub (Casual Games) STAR! Batman is an awesome invisible hero that moves around the map undetected capable of dealing huge amount of damage in a short period of time, BUT he is easily countered. Lindis is the best pick to counter Batman and as you progress in ranks you will see that people know how to juke those black eyes above their heads with no difficulty.

Arthur - Everyone who has ever opened Arena of Valor has had to play Arthur at least once, if you are a league of legends fan you will see similarities with him and Garen (small difference between the ultimates and Arthur has fewer abilities). When you think of something that is average in Arena of Valor that is Arthur and whenever you want to figure out if something is good or bad just compare it with Arthur if it's better its good if not its bad and that is pretty much the story of this hero.

Azzen' Ka - A mid lane mage with unreliable CC and not that good of a scaling. Azzen’ Ka is great at zoning and he has more CC abilities than others, but you do lack in the damage department. When it comes to taking objectives you are better than others, but when it comes to raw magic damage you fall off.

Wukong - Again one of those heroes that need to stay ahead to be strong. Starting from level 1 you gain 15% passive crit chance and that is really great, you have great outplay potential and strong early game but if you don't play to those strengths you have nothing. Wukong is a hero that is hard to master and he needs to stay ahead to be a factor, if he doesn’t achieve anything early he falls off greatly in the late game.

Zill - I have a feeling that AP junglers just don't fit in this game, Zill is one of those. He is great don't take it wrong, he is a mobile assassin with a good burst but I have never really felt his other strengths. Even though he deals a lot of damage it’s never enough, and a normal counter to AP Gaia's Standard heals, so you feel like you don't do very much.

Chaugnar - To me, Chaugnar is just awesome. Chaugnar is mammoth that has some additions from bats or whatever, anyway an awesome support. AoE CC cleanse AoE damaging abilities and your passive all synergize really nicely. However you do need a team and you need a good one, also your ultimate can be tough to land.

Lindis - I always loved Lindis for the control of the map she provides. She is a Marksmen Jungler (Like Moren) with a great late game and scouting abilities. Having Lindis in your team always gives you an upper foot when choosing battles and from where to engage, however, her squishiness keep her from advancing to upper tiers.

Airi - Is a ninja (That's already exciting) and she specializes in assassinating enemy back liners. You go in you pop your ultimate and devastate one of the enemy weaker heroes, you also have a great poke and disengage but, you are really prone to hard CC. Your defense stats are really low and if you are caught in any stun you might get killed in a second. So be a ninja and play like a ninja!

Mganga - After the recent patch Mganga got some really nice buffs and we had to bring it a tier higher than planned. Damage got increased, healing got increased, laning strengths got increased basically. You got everything you had just better, however you are still pretty immobile and weak to any assassination attempts.

Tier 5 - Extremely situational heroes with weaknesses.

Amily - Even thou Amili has a lot of things going for her, she is in "Weak" department because she excels at nothing. Yes, she has decent sustain, but its far from great, it is more like increased regeneration. Yes, she has some decent damage, but it is not bursty as its case with some other assassins. Her toughness depend solely on ultimate and it can be awesome against some, but completely useless against other champions.

Taara - Taara's early game is followed by some weakness (pre level 4), you can't challenge anything with Taara until you get some items, you have really weak CC , not that good of a damage and the only thing that makes her somewhat playable is her ultimate. You gain great healing regeneration for a short period of time and as Taara you have no mana issues whatsoever, you will be toped almost the whole game. But you are basically countered by items that give 50% healing reduction and again you are at point zero.

Skud - Skud has recently gained a lot of popularity in play (i don't know how) even after his nerfs. If Skud had some better control and buffs I would see him as a great support but like this, he is not so great Dark Slayer laner. All you do is displace enemies with your ultimate and that's pretty much it, and you always expect more than that but you won't get it.

Natalya - Natalya is a solid mid lane mage, both of your abilities are solid but I believe Natalya is greatly lacking in the ultimate department. Don't get me wrong if you can cast your ultimate for the whole duration into an enemy hero it's great but that will almost never happen. You have to channel it and while you do enemies always juke and get closer to you, then you are stuck with no mobility skills, and you are for sure going to die.

Mina - I only see Mina in a support role, I don't feel she does much as a jungler, mid or on a dark slayer lane. To me kind of support/roam playstyle fits her, she is great in combinations with heroes that have great AoE abilities (The Flash, Gildur etc..) as your ultimate is not that hard to land. In a one versus one matchup Mina is somewhat stronger than a creep, but in team fights, you can feel her power.

Alistair - I never really liked mages that need to channel their abilities and have no mobility skills. Alistair is a mage with a good amount of CC and AoE damage but, he needs to channel his ultimate, and when you do so with such heroes you just become a target that is so easy to catch and kill.

Astrid - Astrid has received some buffs lately but she is still not as good as she needs to be. A somewhat solid not that good of a tank with somewhat solid not that good of a damage is what Astrid is blessed with. Her only good and really strong side is that she has true damage but that's pretty much it.

Diaochan - Diaochan received some great and awesome buffs last patch but she still suffers from the same problem as Natalya and Alistair - channeling ultimate with no mobility. And there is really not much to say about it, you require heavy setup and 4 allies to focus on helping you, and as a mid hero, you need to be the playmaker which in this situation you are obviously not.

Fennik - As things for Fennik go, great objective taker, rest not so good. Fennik can excel at taking towers killing dragons and Dark Slayer and has good zoning capabilities with his ultimate and that is pretty much it.

Grakk - Last patch Grakk got 0.5 seconds silence on his 1st ability and I thought that's too much but in the end, it seems like it was a fine buff and that it really doesn't change Grakk's situation that much. Grakk is a really strong hero but he needs to hit his abilities and all of them are kind of skill shots. If you can hook an ADC every battle you are the best hero in the game if not you are not useful at all and that is why I put Grakk in this tier.

Valhein - As soon as I opened Arena of Valor I got to play Valhein I liked him soo much in my early hours, nice movement speed, nice stun, nice AoE. But once I got the feel of the game I saw that compared to others Valhein is at the rock bottom. If you were to get a yellow glaive every time you would be great but that instability ruins him. A good marksman to main early as you get a free skin for him (playing a hero with skin gives 10% extra menu gold at the end of the game) however the higher rank you get the less I recommend it.

Cresht - Cresht is a shark that is made for supporting and helping out your teammates. For me Cresht is really not that much at all, if I am in a game against Cresht I never get scared, if I see him in a lane it's not scary, if he pops ultimate it's not that scary. He has a great shield and when he pops ultimate water stream that gives extra movement speed is really good (everyone starts moving crazy fast) but overall in my opinion below average hero.

Marja - To me Marja is really not any good of a hero, I would put her in a bottom tier but I don't know her well enough yet so I am going to leave her one tier above. Marja offers some weak damage some solid poke and ultimate that makes her un-targetable and yet she is a tank, I don't get it what was the point of making this hero but oh well.

Tier 6 - TRASH TIER!

Butterfly - She was a weak faceroll assassin that was easy to counter and easy to play against (I don't know why was she so popular), and after the latest patch she is even worse. As a jungler I don't see that she provides much at all and she doesn't fit any other roles. My point is no love for Butterfly in this tier list!

Ignis - This guy is like an enigma, one game he does great the other five he does nothing and I tested it, it's not about your skill nor about the skill of your teammates it's about the skill of your opponents. Ignis has some well all around damage but it is so easy to evade it and get close to him, and once you get close to him he has no escape mechanism and you pretty much kill him.

Illumia - Illumia is similar to Ignis in so many ways, the only difference is that Ignis has a good ultimate, Illumia doesn't. She lacks in too many departments to be any real threat or anything, and I think that she is the hero that mostly belongs in this tier.

Omega - Hero that specializes in pushing towers, that was a good call from Tencent to make one they should just make a better one. Omega is supposed to actually be best at destroying towers but in reality, he is not even that good at that. So many other heroes offer more in every way then Omega and I see no point in ever picking this hero (except for some cheezy starts or if you want to troll).

Veera - After the last patch notes I really thought that Veera is getting a lot better but that is actually not the case. You get some cooldown reduction if you kill an enemy hero but what happens if you don't? You got that hard CC and that is the only good that about Veera the rest of her is deeply below average.

Peura - Peura is a defensive type of support with buffs and channeling ultimate and as such she doesn’t fit in her role very well. Peura is a bait support and as such she's hard to play to full potential (which is not that big). All in all, Peura is a squishy bait support and she deserves the bottom tier.

Toro - Toro is a tank, and that's all he is. He doesn't scale that well ultimate is kind of good but it's easy to get away from. If you just ignore him in team fights you won't notice that he even exists.