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AoV Cresht

Welcome to guide for Cresht, a hero from AoV game. Here you can find a bunch of tips, tricks,
guides, stats, and ways to counter strengths and expose his weaknesses!

AoV Cresht - SUMMARY

Cresht, The Mermidon, the terror of the seas is a humanoid hammerhead shark with a harpoon. Yeah, he is as interesting as it sounds.

Talent: Disrupt
LVL priority: Focus on leveling Aquatic Shield because it is main support tool. If your team is severely lacking damage, in that case, take Typhoon.
Play: Support bruiser-tank, the main job for Cresht is to build up rage while harassing opponent and shielding his lane partner, usually marksman. Once LVL 4 and the ultimate ready to use, don't be afraid to dive the tower in order to get kills, but only while one or more allies are present.


Attack Range: Melee
Movement Speed: 380

CreshtHPHP/5 secArmorMagic DefenseAttack DamageRageRage/5 sec
Level 1345057125/17.2%50/7.6%1531005
Per Level349.5427/3%8.5/1%10.50/
Level 158341115504/45.6%169/21.9%3011005


(Slow) Tidal Rage

Cresht gains 2 Rage with normal attacks when Metamorphosis is not active. When morphed, Cresht shakes the earth each time he uses an ability, reducing the movement speed of enemies in the area by 50% for 2 seconds and significantly increases his attack damage.

1st skill
(Physical, Area DMG) Typhoon

Cooldown: 6/6/6/6/6/6 sec

Cresht’s lance swings grant Rage, knock back surrounding heroes and deal 360/435/510/585/660/735 (80% of AD) physical damage. Under Metamorphosis, Cresht summons a geyser that deals 400/480/560/640/720/800 (125% of AD) physical damage.

-The range is 400 units.

2nd skill
(Physical, Shield) Aquatic Shield

Cooldown: 10/10/10/10/10/10 seconds

Cresht jumps to the target location, summoning a whirlpool that grants friendly Heroes a shield, absorbing up to 500/570/640/710/780/850 (+47% of AD) damage. Cresht also gains 2 Rage. Under Metamorphosis, Cresht jumps to the target location and summons a whirlpool that deals 380/430/480/530/580/630 (+94% of AD) physical damage to enemies within range.

-The Range is 700 units, 1150 units with Metamorphosis.
-Can go over walls.
-While Metamorphosis is active, Aquatic Shield will not provide damage absorption.

(Physical, Shield) Metamorphosis

Cooldown: 40 sec
Rage Cost: 100

Cresht consumes all Rage and morphs into his true form, growing in size and gaining an absorption shield. He then summons a massive tidal wave, pushing enemies aside and stunning the enemies at the end of the wave, also dealing 400/500/600 (+100% of AD) physical damage. Cresht gains movement speed while riding the wave, and loses speed once he leaves it.

-Range 900 units. 
-Tidal Wave goes through walls.
-Animation of the ability flow is irrelevant, allies gain movement speed independently of their movement direction.



-Super tanky, with Metamorphosis he becomes almost impossible to kill. That's why you need defensive items, to boost it even further. Get items according to the enemy's team composition (more mages - more magic defense instead of physical).

-Good at supporting allies. Protect them directly with Aquatic Shield and use Typhoon to knock the enemies away from them or towards them for the kill.

-When you use Metamorphosis you become good at controlling enemies since your passive gives you 50% slow each time you use the ability.


-Metamorphosis requires a full rage bar, so you need to be aware when to use it to maximize the effectiveness.

-Some of his strengthes are geographically limited, more specifically - on top of the tidal wave.




AoV talent

TALENT: Disrupt

60-second cooldown: Disables a structure for 5 seconds.


Attack Speed +1% - Max HP +33.7 - Armor +2.3

Attack Speed +1% - Movement Speed +1%

Max HP + 37.5 - Cooldown Speed +0.6%



Played as tank/support, Cresht is there to protect allies and be their front line. Early-game, when you are without Metamorphosis, use Aquatic Shield to engage and then Typhoon for some cc and damage, then fall back. Your primary goal, besides tanking, is protecting your weaker allies. Rush to the aid of your allies with Aquatic Shield to boost their health and you can push the enemy away with Typhoon. With Metamorphosis ON, you become a fighting fortress and a beacon of slowing effects thanks to Cresht’s passive, while at same time Aquatic Shield changes from defensive to more of an offensive tool used for engaging. In lanes always stay close to the weaker ally to give them a hand if needed. During, and even more importantly before team fights, plan your actions and play according to the accumulated Rage. Be careful in picking the moment you use the ultimate. You want your team to be ready to engage and use it in a most disruptive way you can, for the enemy team.
Note: ultimate’s bonus movement speed is granted no matter the way your team moves compared to the flow animation.


He can hardly escape the enemy. The only skill he can use is an Aquatic shield and you have to use it on a friendly hero. He also requires rage to start up the ultimate, so you can’t use it whenever you feel like it.