Saturday, February 23

AoV Grakk

Welcome to guide for Grakk, a hero from AoV game. Here you can find a bunch of tips, tricks,
guides, stats, and ways to counter strengths and expose his weaknesses!


Talent: Heal
Level priority: Devil's Chain
Play: initiate fights with Devil's Chain pulling one opponent into your team. If the enemy team runs in to save him use your ultimate to hold them while your team turns them into powder. Berith's Agony and The Aegis are core items.


Attack Range: Melee
Movement Speed: 360

GrakkHPHP/5 secArmorMagic DefenseAttack DamageManaMana /5 sec
Level 1374262104 (14.7%)50 (7.6%)15849017
Per Level270.5321.5 (3%)8.5 (1%)81071.5
Level 157529107407 (40.4%)169 (21.9%)274198842



(Magic, Area DMG) Blood Ritual

Whenever Grakk receives damage equal to more than 10% of his current HP in a single blow, he triggers an explosion dealing 40 (+20% of AP) (+2% of max HP) magic damage to enemies within 500 units (2-second cooldown). Grakk will also trigger an explosion 3 seconds after his death, dealing 160 (+80% of AP) (+8% of maximum HP) magic damage to enemies within 500 units.

-It goes well with his tank role and the other abilities since he is mostly surrounded by enemy heroes they take damage all the time and need to look out even when you die.

1st Skill
(Magic, Slow) Earthquake

Cooldown: 4 sec
Mana Cost: 60 (+5 x skill lvl)

Grakk stomps, dealing 150/180/210/240/270/300 (+50% of AP) magic damage to enemies within range and reducing their movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds. Enemies closer to Grakk will take double the damage and movement speed reduction, and are stunned for 0.5 sec.

-Great control ability after you pull your enemies, don’t let them leave.

2nd Skill
(Magic, Control) Devil’s Chain

Cooldown: 15/14.4/13.8/13.2/12.6/12 sec
Mana Cost: 60 (+10 x skill lvl)

Grakk throws a hook to pull the first enemy hit towards him, dealing 625/750/875/1000/1250 (+132% of AP) magic damage. After this ability has been activated, Grakk’s maximum HP will be increased by 125 with each kill or assist (up to 20 times).

-Main ability beside the World Devourer and excellent control ability. Pull the enemy into your team and kill him off before the team fight even starts.

-there is enough range to pull the target from the river to the tower.

-It can pull enemies through the walls.

(Magic, Control) World Devourer

Cooldown: 40/35/30 sec
Mana Cost: 130 (+10 x skill lvl)

After a short delay, Grakk pulls in enemies in front of him, stunning them and dealing a total of 1200/1500/1800 (+180% of AP) magic damage during the pull. Grakk also gains a shield if the ability hits at least 1 enemy. The ability must be channeled and has a maximum duration of 3 seconds. Moving or using another ability after 1.2 seconds of channeling will interrupt this ability.

-Perfect team fight ability able to pull multiple foes at once.


-Excellent tank, a lot of health if you can use the Devils Chain right since every kill or assist boosts your health permanently by 125. Build him up with some defensive items and you are golden.

-Powerful Control abilities. All of Grakk's abilities have some kind of control effect. He can make a real difference on the battlefield if they are used well, Devils chain being the main ability. It can secure you an easy kill and leave the enemy team crippled. Earthquake can make sure that all enemy heroes close to you can't run away easily.

-Zone control. The extreme range of Devil's Chain with proper positioning and good planning Grakk have a large radius of influence, and this can be used to zone out the opponents. If you pull the right enemy, you'll leave the enemy team 4 vs 5, so it ensures a victory most of the time. 


-Grakks main ability Devil's Hook is a skill shot. Most of your gameplay depends on it, so you need to maximize your skill with it or you won't do much. You could say he needs some time to be mastered, simply because of the hook.

-Although he is a control tank he is susceptible to control effects himself. Especially if you are channeling ultimate, you don't want to get interrupted.





120-second cooldown: You and nearby teammates instantly recover 15% HP and gain 15% movement speed for 2 seconds.




Leveling skills: Devil's Chain first.

Laning: Grakk can hold the lane against 2 heroes with ease. Stay near your tower, as soon as anyone gets greedy and in the range of your hook just pull them in tower's range and use Earthquake after. That way you make sure he can't run away, with your slow and damage + tower damage. Try to move left and right to find the right spot so you don't pull the enemy minion. If you can pull off the hook enemies will start running away as soon as they see you, so try to predict their movement. If you got a buddy in the lane, even better. Stay with ones that pack a punch. You'll be unstoppable if you play right. Don't try to be a hero early on and run into a group, you got some health at the beginning but not enough to hold out long.

Team fights: He is a control freak and should be used as one. Before the fight begins, try to pull in one of the enemy heroes (a squishy one would be perfect) into your team and get rid of him. If they go after you to save their buddy use the ultimate and make a real party where no one can leave. Make sure to use Earthquake after the ultimate so the enemies that survived can't run away easily, and the ones that try can be brought back with your hook again. If you die, no worries, you took one for the team, there is no running away with Grakk.