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AoV Preyta

Welcome to guide for Preyta, a hero from AoV game. Here you can find a bunch of tips, tricks,
guides, stats and ways to counter strengths and expose his weaknesses!

AoV Preyta - SUMMARY

Talents: Flicker
Level priority: Plague Scepter is your first choice.
Play: Focus on clearing the waves and if you manage to do it quickly, roam to sidelanes. Once the ultimate is available, start the engage with Plague Scepter followed by Poison Gas Bomb, immediately use Ultimate (Disciple of the Plague) and cast Plague Scepter again (the cooldown resets once ulti is used), and use 2nd skill to push the enemy back into the path of Plague Scepter. Also, make sure to land as many normal attacks during the ultimate (longer range, faster attack speed, and higher damage).


Attack Range: Long
Movement: 400

PreytaHPHP/5 secArmorMagic DefenseAttack DamageManaMana /5 sec
Level 1295842106 (15%)50 (7.6%)16849018
Per Level174.5217 (1.5%)8.5 (1%)10.51082
Level 15539969342 (36.3%)169 (21.9%)317200269


(Speed) Flying Dragon

The Plague Wyvern boosts Preyta’s movement speed. 

-The passive enables Preyta to easily hit the 800-speed cap.

1st Skill
(Magic, Area DMG) Plaque Spectre

Cooldown: 6 sec
Mana Cost: 80 mana

Preyta charges his Plague Specter for up to 2 seconds, then unleashes it and deals 250/300/350/400/450/500 (+35% of AP) - 750/900/1050/1200/1350/1500 (+105% of AP) magic damage based on the amount of channeling time. The longer Preyta charges, the further the ability reaches. Any action taken while charging will unleash the Specter immediately to deal reduced damage. In the Disciple of the Plague state, a movement is possible while charging. 

-The range is 1350 units. 

-Since you can’t cast it without charging, the minimal damage dealt is a bit higher than stated in the description.

2nd Skill
(Magic, Control) Poison Gas Bomb

Cooldown: 12/11.4/10.8/10.2/9.6/9 sec
Mana Cost: 80

Preyta detonates a Poison Bomb at the target location, knocking back surrounding enemies, dealing 250/300/350/400/450/500 (+50% of AP) magic damage and reducing their movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds. In the Disciple of the Plague state, the Poison Bomb is replaced by nether spikes and they also stun the targets for 0.75 second. 

-The range is 940 units. 

-Nice tool to reposition the enemy during the fight as you see fit.

(Magic, Buff) Disciple of the Plaque

Cooldown: 30/27/24 sec
Mana Cost: 100

Preyta fuses with the Wyvern Spirit and enters the Disciple of the Plague state for 10 seconds, immediately refreshing the cooldowns of Plague Specter and Poison Gas Bomb and enhancing their effects on their next use. While in this state, Preyta also receives a shield that absorbs 500/750/1000 (+100% of AP) damage, gains 15% movement speed, and 24/32/40% attack speed. His normal attack’s range is also significantly increased and inflicts 100/175/250 (+50% of AP) area magic damage.

-The range of attacks raises from 600 to 800 units. 

-Your hits can’t be critical while the ability is active.



Good harasser. Both of Preyta’s basic abilities have a rather long range and his basic moving speed is higher than that of other heroes. This makes Preyta good at long range damage dealing.

Preyta is great at clearing waves. His first ability can almost wipe out the wave in one cast.

Good ultimate. Disciple of Plague allows you to use your abilities once more, right after they went on cooldown and they are empowered. As a bonus, you deal significantly more damage, gain shield and movement speed. One of the best ultimates in the game. High movement speed. This is especially important for harassers, it makes the poking really easy.


No real escape mechanism. His innate movement speed is higher than that of other mages, but he is still vulnerable to assassins and warriors like any other mage. Take the Flicker talent to escape when things are about to get rough.

Long cooldowns and high mana consumption. Both cons can make longer engagements a bore.

Ultimate dependancy. If your ult is on cooldown you won’t have enough firepower for steady damage output.




TALENT: Flicker

120-second cooldown: Teleports your hero a short distance.


Ability Power +5.3

Ability Power +2.4 - Magic Life Steal +1%

Ability Power +2.4 - Cooldown Speed +0.7%


Leveling skills: Plague Specter is your first choice.

Laning:  Since his main ability Plague Scepter can deal damage in line it is a good tool for clearing the minion waves and hitting an enemy hero in the process. His other ability Poison Gas Bomb can help you push away the aggressive enemy that got too close or position them near you for the kill. Since you’ll be much faster than the enemy for most of the game, try to stay away and poke until they flee. When the enemy goes back to the base, use their absence to damage or destroy the tower or gank side-lane.

Team fights:  Position yourself right in front of the biggest crowd. It doesn’t matter who engages first, only your position does. Start by positioning yourself around 800 units (right outside the range of your basic attack) from the closest enemy. Charge up the Plague Scepter into the crowd. After that use the Poison Gas Bomb to disrupt some of the enemies, followed by Disciple of the Plague. Repeat the first two skills quickly and start pounding the closest foe. Use your skills whenever you can, but be mindful how you are using the Poison Gas Bomb, if one of the enemies is running away push him back into your team, if some of your teammates are in trouble help them by pushing the foe away. The ability is not dealing a lot of damage, but it is a lifesaver if you know how to use it.