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AoV Superman

Welcome to guide for Superman, a hero from AoV game. Here you can find a bunch of tips, tricks,
guides, stats, and ways to counter strengths and expose his weaknesses!

AoV Superman - SUMMARY

Talent: Purify
Level priority: Kryptonian Strenght is top damage/poke ability.
Play: Superman is utilized in one of two ways, one is DS laner and the other is roamer/ganker. If played in the lane, use Kryptonian Strength as harass tool, meaning, cast it in such way you barely hit the target with Heat Vision, the target gets knockback and you fall back, move until reach flight mode and repeat the process. When ganking, make sure to either flank or come from behind the enemy and basically do the same thing as in lane. If you have ultimate ready than the sequence of abilities used should be Kryptonian Strength, into Speeding Bullet and again Kryptonian Strength. Save Man of Steel for defensive purpose.


Attack Range: Melee
Movement Speed: 380

SupermanHPHP/5 secArmorMagic DefenseAttack DamageManaMana /5 sec
Level 133225192(13.2%)50/7.6%170//
Per Level270.42.9208.511.5//
Level 15710794377 (38.5%)169/21.9%343//


(Physical, Control) Flight

Superman has two modes: flying and walking. He gains 2% movement speed and charges energy for every 100 units he walks, and takes flight once energy is fully charged. Flight mode grants 20% movement speed when moving towards an enemy, and his normal attacks deal additional physical damage equal to 10% of his own maximum HP. Superman exits Flight mode when he is hit with a control effect that lowers his movement speed to 375 or less.

-Greatly increases Superman's damage potential, maximize flight mode as much as possible.

-Once in flight mode, if you stop moving or get hit by a CC ability or a slow your charges immediately drop to 0 (avoid this at all cost). 

-Once in Flight mode, you can no longer target your abilities with your right joystick, instead, any ability you use will go in the direction Superman is facing. So take extra care of your position and where your hero is facing. 

-Flight mode and normal mode Superman's skills share CD's.

1st Skill
(Physical, Slow) Kryptonian Strength

Cooldown: 9/8.2/7.4/6.6/5.8/5 sec
Mana Cost: /

Superman uses his ice breath to generate a blizzard that deals 215/430/645/860/1075/1290 (+126% of AD) physical damage to enemies and slows their movement speed by 30% for 1 second.

If in Flight mode, Superman rams into enemies, dealing (100% of AD) (+10% of maximum HP) physical damage, and then fires his heat vision, dealing an additional 250/500/750/1000/1250/1500 (+150% of AD) physical damage. 

-Basic ability range is 400 units. 

-Using normal Kryptonian Strength will not lose you your flight stacks, so you can use it while chasing or running away while still charging Flight. 

-Kryptonian Strenght range in flight mode is 500 units, Laser's range is 1300 units. 

-When ganking go behind the enemy as you can push their squishies into your own team. You don't need to hit an enemy for lasers to fire. If your arrow indicator doesn't reach your enemy laser's extended range probably will.

2nd Skill
(Physical, Immunity) Man of Steel

Cooldown: 14 sec
Mana Cost: /

Superman unleashes his full power, which immediately frees him from control effects and significantly increases his movement speed.

If in Flight mode, Superman will slam the ground and knock back enemies, dealing 335/470/605/740/875/1010 (+112% of AD) physical damage as well as rid himself of control effects and increase his movement speed. 

-Movement speed increase: 30/34/38/42/46/50 %

-Flight ability range is 700 units.

-A solid initiating ability, you can use it to confuse enemy ranks and draw attention to yourself. 

-You can jump over obstacles.

(Physical, Buff) Speeding Bullet

Cooldown: 70/60/50 sec
Mana Cost: /

Superman taps into his full potential, which increases his charge up speed by 100% for 8/9/10 seconds. If in Flight mode, Superman will ram into his enemies and knock them back, dealing (100% of AD) (+10% of maximum HP) physical damage, and have his charge up speed increased by 100% for 10 seconds. 

-Use Speeding Bullet in combination with Purify (Talent) so you can reach Flight mode much easier. 

-The range is 600 units. 

-Try to go behind the enemies and push them into your team, or if your team is running away push your opponents back.



-Best roamer in the game. If you are looking to annoy and slay opponents from start to finish, Superman is the choice. At start harass the enemy jungler and make his life hell, after that just roam and be a nuisance wherever you appear, if that's your jam Superman is number 1 pick for you.

-Good initiator. All 3 of his skills are good for initiating a fight, as long as you are in Flight. It is best to use Kryptonian Strength to run through the enemies' ranks and deal quite a lot of damage to the backline.

-High burst for a tank, if you initiate with Kryptonian Strength and hit with both attacks you can deal quite the damage. You can also initiate with Speeding Bullet and follow up with Kryptonian Strength.


-Hard hero to play with him on the team. His gameplay is a lot different than any other hero, you'll need some time to get used to it.

-Hard to master.




TALENT: Purify

120-second cooldown: Removes all debuffs and control effects on yourself and gains immunity to them for 1.5 seconds.


Attack Damage +2 - Armor Pierce +3.6

Attack Damage +1.6 - Movement Speed +1%

Attack Damage +0.9 - Armor Pierce +6.4


Leveling skills: Kryptonian Strength is major Superman's tool for

Laning: In order to properly play Superman in flight mode (a more important one), one must think of him as a flying gun. In flight mode, there are NO skill-shots in the traditional sense (check notes about "Flight" - Superman's passive, for more info).
During the laning phase, use Kryptonian Strength whenever possible but know that it is imperative to land as many of those as possible because it has a long cooldown. Use it as harassment if you are up against lane opponent. However, when roaming/ganking, approach from behind the enemy and push him toward the ally, fall back until you enter the flight mode again and use ultimate for the additional push, retreat again and if the Kryptonian Strength is ready, use it for an additional push. Save Man of Steel for purpose of retreating. Being able to cleanse slows/control at the right moment is crucial. Learning to play Superman will take some time so, make sure to invest a lot of time before deciding to join ranked games.

Team fights: There is a common notion that Superman is there to ruin someone game, enemy or ally. Aside from everything we already mentioned about him, while playing this champion there is one crucial aspect we must consider. The fact is, there are a lot of other champions with telegraphed abilities (an ability that marks the ground few moments before it lands), champions like Azzen'ka, Lumia, Ignis, Maloch and others. Because we want to spend as much time as possible in Flight mode, during which all of the abilities will knockback, it is extremely important to pay attention to your allies action and predict when they are casting one of those important ultimates. Because this is something that has to be considered on a case by case basis, and because of that we cannot tell you how to do it properly, instead, the only thing we can tell you is to make sure to have a lot of experience with not just Superman, but also to know other champions and how they are played in order to predict their actions.

Considering everything said in here, it is clear that Superman is high skill champion, from movement, positioning, predictions of allied actions and much more, the number of factors influencing his gameplay is enormous. Thinking about everything may be to slow process, instead, if you want to play Superman, make sure to have so much experience that decisions become instinctual.