Arena of Valor Veera

Welcome to guide for Veera, a hero from AoV game. Here you can find a bunch of tips, tricks,
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Talent: Flicker

AoV Veera leveling skill priority:

Take Hell Bat as it is the main damage/wave clear ability.

Veera Play Sample: Focus on clearing waves, but if you can harass the enemy at the same time, do it. If you manage to clear minion wave fast and the next is just coming out of the base than roam to side lanes and try to gank those. Veera's ganks are effective because of 2nd skill that is reliable control over the single target. 

Arena of Valor Veera Stats

Normal Attack range: Long
Movement Speed: 360

VeeraHPHP/5 secArmorMagic DefenseAttack DamageManaMana /5 sec
Level 1322946179 (13.1%)12.5 (7.6%)17049018
Per Level185.5211 (2.5%)11 (1%)20.51092
Level 15582474326 (35.2%)169 (21.9%)293201644

Arena of Valor Veera Abilities

Arena of valor Veera skill come hitherAoV Veera Passive
(Debuff) Come Hither

Veera applies a Come Hither stack to every enemy hit by her abilities. Each stack reduces an enemy’s magic defense by 30-72 (scales with hero level), up to 3 stacks. A kill or assist will reduce the cooldown of all abilities by 25% of their maximum cooldown time. 

-Magic defense reduction is applied before the damage is calculated. Gets even better if you got some more magic based heroes on your team.

Arena of valor Veera skill hell batAoV Veera 1st Skill
(Magic, Area DMG) Hell Bat

Cooldown: 8/7.7/7.4/7.1/6.8/6.5 sec
Mana Cost: 70 (+5 x skill lvl)

Veera summons a Hell Bat that glides forward, dealing 575/625/675/725/775/825 (+115% of AP) magic damage to enemies hit. 

Arena of valor Veera skill mesmerizeAoV Veera 2nd Skill
(Magic, Control) Mesmerize

Mana Cost: 90

Veera blows a kiss at an enemy, dealing 285 (+70% of APmagic damage and stunning the target for 1.5 seconds. 

-The range is 750 units. 

-The only cc tool and a good initiating ability.

Arena of valor Veera skill inferno batsAoV Veera Ultimate
(Magic) Inferno Bats

Cooldown: 18/15/12 sec
Mana Cost: 120 (+15 x skill lvl)

Veera summons up to 5 bats to attack surrounding enemies. Each bat deals 325/405/485 (+75% of APmagic damage. If a target has been hit once, all subsequent hits only deal 50% damage. 

-The range is 750.

Arena of Valor Veera Pro and Con


-Just one targeting ability. Veera's ultimate Inferno Bats and Mesmerize are auto-locked and they target an enemy automatically.

-Her third ability Hell Bat has a long range and a wide area of impact so it is also easy to hit. This makes her the easiest mage to play with.

-Good burst damage. Her combo is easy to hit. You start with Mesmerize to stun the target, then use Inferno Bats to damage your foe and lower his magic defense and finish with Hell Bat. Awesome combo. Low cooldowns. Veeras abilities have a low cooldown on higher levels, if you lower it with items you can almost spam the combo. Watch out for mana though.


-No means of escape. Veera doesn't have any ability to help her escape, she needs some kind of escape talent. The only way to run is to hit the enemy with Mesmerize if it's not on cooldown and try to run away.

-Extremely squishy

-She has a low constitution, combined with no escape ability this makes Veera a top priority target for enemy assassins and warriors.

Best Veera Item Build

Arena of valor items orb of the magiArena of valor items flashy bootsArena of valor items rheas blessingArena of valor items boomstickArena of valor items hecates diademArena of valor item staff of null


TALENT: Flicker

120-second cooldown: Teleports your hero a short distance.

AoV Veera Arcana Build

arena of valor arcanas violatearena of valor arcanas violatearena of valor arcana devour

Arena of Valor Veera Tips and Tricks

Veera Leveling skills: Hell Bat is your first choice.

Arena of Valor Mid-Lane as Veera

In lanes try to stay back and fire Hell Bat to clear the waves and poke the enemy. When you get Mesmerize your poking power grows, even more so with Infernal Bats. Mesmerize the enemy and follow with Inferno Bats and Hell Bat. This could outright kill your enemy or maim him so hard he has to teleport back to base, giving you enough time for objective or gank. Veera is a solid harasser if you are careful enough, especially if you have a friend to help you in the lane. Her ganks with Mesmerize are very effective because how reliable is her single target control.

Arena of Valor Veera in Team Fights:

You need to stay all the way back in team fights, at the very edge between an enemy and your ability range. Keep spamming your abilities except for Mesmerize, save it for the enemy heroes who try to dive you (or squishy ally), or if you are chasing a fleeing enemy. Hell Bat is your main ability in terms of damage to multiple heroes, combined with cooldown items you'll have around 4-second cooldown so spam it whenever you can. Try to lower enemy magic resistance with Inferno Bats prior to damaging them with Hell Bat. Works like a charm.

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