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Talent: Flicker, Punish
Level priority: Tactical Fire
Play sample: Stay at max range and tumble sideways so you end up just outside of enemies but inside your enhanced normal attack range. Omni Arms is a core item for Violet, but build it as 3rd or 4th in the order. Don’t tumble toward the opponent unless to finish off solo target.

AoV Violet Abilities

Arena of valor violet skills reload

Violet Passive
(Buff) Reload

Normal attacks reduce Tactical Fire’s cooldown by 0.5 seconds when hitting an enemy hero.

Arena of valor violet skills tactical fire

AoV Violet skill 1
(Physical, Movement) Tactical Fire

Cooldown: 5 sec
Mana Cost: 45 (+5 x skill level)

Violet rolls forward, enhances her next normal attack and deals 275/305/335/365/395/425(+100% ADphysical damage to enemies on a straight line. The subsequent normal attack within a short period of time retains the range of the enhanced normal attack. Tactical Fire also grants a 50% movement speed bonus that declines over 2 seconds if there are enemy heroes nearby after rolling.

  • Tumble has 400 range, the enhanced attack is at 1100 range.
  • Can be used to cross some wall sections.
  • The subsequent attack is piercing enemies/minions in the line. Master this skill and you mastered 90% of Violet’s playstyle.
Arena of valor violet skills fire in the hole

AoV Violet skill 2
(Physical, Slow) Fire in the Hole

Cooldown: 10/9.2/8.4/7.6/6.8/6 sec
Mana Cost: 50 (+5 x skill lvl)

Violet throws a grenade, dealing 250/280/310/340/370/400 (+100% ADphysical damage to enemies within range and slowing their movement speed by 90% for 1 second.

  • somewhat difficult to land on high mobility champs.
Arena of valor violet skills concussive rounds

AoV Violet Ultimate
(Physical, Area DMG) Concussive Rounds

Cooldown: 30/25/20 sec
Mana Cost: 100 (+20 x skill lvl)

Violet fires Concussive Rounds at nearby enemies, dealing 400/550/700 (+150% of ADphysical damage, and each enemy takes additional physical damage equal to the 10% of their lost HP.

  • Long range (950), AoE damage behind the initial target.

AoV Violet Pros and Cons


  • Good Mobility. Tactical Fire enables violet to move around the battlefield while keeping enemies under pressure.
  • Good burst damage when near a full build. Claves Sancti, Slikk’s Sting, Omni Arms and the short cooldown on Tactical Fire, make enhanced attack deadly, at the same time increasing her safety.
  • Long range harass, comes in a package with piercing attack/wave clear.


  • Almost everything positive and strong about Violet is tied to Tactical Fire, making her vulnerable in short periods when on cooldown, which puts pressure on how and when you use this ability.
  • Takes time to master positioning and repositioning. You have to do it all the time and make the piercing attack hit multiple targets.
  • Vulnerable to hard crowd control abilities like stuns or immobilization.

AoV Violet Item Build

Arena of valor items war boots
Arena of valor items claves sancti
Arena of valor items omni arms
Arena of valor items rankbreaker
Arena of valor items fenrirs tooth
Arena of valor items blade of eternity

AoV Violet talents and arcana

Arena of valor talents flicker

TALENT: Flicker

120-second cooldown: Teleports your hero a short distance.

aov talents punish

TALENT: Flicker

120-second cooldown: Teleports your hero a short distance.

arena of valor arcanas atrocity
arena of valor arcanas reave
arena of valor arcanas Skewer

Well, 16% crit combined with Claves Sancti makes the total amount of 41% crit chance. This means she doesn’t necessarily need another Crit-item. Also, Reave is extremely important because we don’t have another source of sustain (a little bit comes out of Omni Arms, but not nearly enough).

AoV Violet tips and tricks


Tactical Fire is a top priority skill, core damage and the movement ability for Violet. Take Concussive Rounds when you can, for it adds the ability to poke the enemy and still have mobility from Tactical Fire at ready.


In laning, focus on harassing and use Tactical Fire to end up just outside the enemies’ range, land an enhanced attack and fall back to a more safe position. If you manage to whittle down the enemy, don’t try to kill him at all costs, pay attention to where other enemy champions are, jungler especially, and only pursue a kill if it is perfectly safe to use Tactical Fire as a gap closer. If you tumble forward and there is an additional enemy in the brush, you are probably dead. Always keep an eye on your jungler. If he initiates a fight, be there immediately to follow up with damage, this is especially easy with Violet. Also, if there is a signal that an ally jungler is coming to your lane, make sure to not push too hard, save mana, and make the enemy move closer to the center.


Dancing around effective enemy range is what Violet is about. This stands for team fights also, but it may not be so simple. The effective enemy range takes into account how dangerous this ability is, combined with the possibility of Flicker, or some other form of a gap closer. For example, if enemy Mina has Flicker and her ultimate is ready, she may wait for you to use Tactical Fire, immediately Flicker toward you, hook you in, and a second after, use her ultimate to taunt you. This makes the enemy effective range oscillate, the moment they use some major gap closer the effective range is shorter, and back up again once it is ready to use. Consider landing Tactical Fire close enough to attack, but far enough to be safe (you just used your only mobility). The safe spot is closer when the enemy has major cc/mobility on cooldown, and try to hit several enemies from that position. This is a lot of requirements for one position, and yet you need to deal with them every few seconds if you want to be good as Violet. The only advice I can give you here is: if you want to play this champ, make sure you know what others can do, dance around that and play this Pistol Lady A LOT… Make it part of your instinct, because thinking is too slow for her.

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