Welcome to guide for Zip, an Arena of Valor hero. Here you can find a bunch of tips, tricks,
guides, stats, and ways to counter strengths and expose his weaknesses!



-Flicker comes nicely when you need, for example, to pick up a team member and jump across the wall to safety.

– Heal. Protecting allies from harm, is part of Zip’s job, and what better way to do then with Heal. Daze may be good as a secondary option.


Zip Hex! (S1) play’s major role in harassing and controlling especially when combined with Berith’s Agony and Nature’s Rage – the final stage of Afata-Enchantment. So level up this skill first.


Zip is most effective in a support role, however to a certain extent could be good effective DS laner. Here, in this guide, we are focusing more on his Support role.

  • Start the game with S1, Zip Hex!. Try to land it on the enemy, but if he is playing safe, use it on minion in his vicinity. This will chain the curse to him and translate a portion of the damage.

Combination of S2 and ultimate opens up a large number of options for Zip:

  • Engaging the fight by picking up ally bruiser and roll on top of the enemy.
  • Disengaging the fight. You ever had the problem,  you announce “Retreat” order, and no one seems to care? Well, not anymore, you pick them up with Skill 2 and use the ultimate, or flicker, to retreat.
  • Extremely fast roaming. Pick up an ally in one lane, use the ultimate and effectively transport portion of a team to the adjacent lane.
  • Tired of waiting for minions to reach the tower? Just pick them up together with your marksman, roll on top of the tower and unload for one easy tower takedown. The same goes if you want to tower dive the enemy, pick up minions and ally heroes, and engage. There is a good chance minion will take some hits.
  • Bounce around in Dragon/Dark Slayer pit. When the enemy team decided to enter the pit, approach it from the river, at a 45-60 degree angle. This will ensure you bounce around the pit several times before you end up in the river again. This will unleash tons of damage and control.
  • If, by a chance, you get a face-to-face with Omen, and he decides to lock you down with the ultimate, remember, that count as walls. So, the moment you are inside his, use your own ultimate and enjoy the scene.
  • When your teammate decides to teleport to base, you do that as well, and on your way back, pick him up and transport back to the lane.

These are just a few out of many options available that will come with experience. Zip encourages creative and team-play and he reduces the time waste to the minimum.

AoV Zip Abilities

AoV Zip Passive Zip Bloat


While bloated, Zip gains 30% damage immunity and deals 120 magic damage to nearby enemies every second. This damage increases by 10 every level and is doubled against minions and monsters.

AoV Zip First Skill Zip Hex


Cooldown: 6 sec
Cost: 80 Mana

Zip unleashes a curse that deals 350/420/490/560/630/700(+50% of AP) magic damage to the target and stuns it for 0.5 seconds.
The curse will then search for nearby enemies. If no enemies are found, the movement speed of the original target is reduced by90% for 1.5 seconds.
If the other target is found, then the original target takes 75/90/105/120/135/150(+20% of AP) magic damage per second, up to 4 seconds. When the linked curse is active, 60% of the damage taken by one target will be transferred to the other. The link breaks when the targets move further away from each other, and both targets are stunned for 0.5 seconds. While the curse is active, Zip’s normal attacks on the affected targets deal additional 200(+25% of AP) magic damage.

AoV Zip Second Skill Zip Angry


Cooldown: 10/9.4/8.8/8.2/7.6/7 sec
Cost: 60 mana

Zip opens its mouth for 1 second, then swallows nearby allies and monsters into its stomach over the next 4 seconds.

Affected allies gain a shield with 400/480/560/640/720/800(+40% of AP) points and 30% damage immunity. Zip restores 200/240/280/320/360/400(+40% of AP) HP for each unit swallowed.

While active, 40% of damage taken by Zip becomes a shield for friendly heroes. Zip is invincible while swallowing its targets, and continues dealing damage to non-hero enemy units. If the ability is interrupted, then a large portion of cooldown is returned.

AoV Zip Ultmate Zip Roll


Cooldown: 50/45/40
Cost: 150

Zip rolls in the target direction and increases its movement speed for 6 seconds. While rolling, Zip becomes invincible and deals 450/520/590(+60% of AP) magic damage to enemies along the path and knocks them flying for one second. Enemies at the end of the path are slowed by 50% for 3 seconds. If Zip rolls over terrain boundaries, then it bounces and its movement speed is increased. Use the ability again to interrupt it, and cooldown will be returned based on unused time.

AoV Zip Pros and Cons

  • Engage and Disengage. Zip is probably the best one to engage, or to retreat, from the combat. Simply because he can suck-in his team and use the ultimate, knock-up enemies and then unload his own team on top.
  • Powerful control. Just with S1, Zip already has enough. Add to that the extreme potential of the ultimate to bounce against the walls and hit the same target multiple times, and you have one powerful control-hero.
  • Ally control. There aren’t many heroes able to control the positioning of ally members. As the mether of fact, there are none released before zipping. This is a unique feature and it will guarantee the high spot across the various Arena of Valor Tier Lists.
  • It is difficult to predict where are you going to end up when using the ultimate. Every millisecond of Zip Roll! is sort of gamble. It could go massively good, or massively bad.
  • Destroyed towers count as an obstacle, thus Zipp will bounce off of them. This is a huge problem because the tower is a small target and there is almost no way to predict which way you ‘l go from there.

AoV Zip Item Build

Arena of valor items sonic boots
Arena of valor items essence of the wind
Arena of valor items beriths agony
Arena of valor item medallion of troy
Arena of valor items mantle of ra
Arena of valor item the aegis

It’s a classic support/tank build with a twist in form of Berith’s Agony which dramatically increase Zip’s damage.

AoV Zip talents and arcana

Arena of valor talents flicker

TALENT: Flicker

120-second cooldown: Teleports your hero a short distance.

aov talents heal

TALENT: Flicker

120-second cooldown: Teleports your hero a short distance.

Flicker is the best option for Zip because he can provide it to his allies (by picking them up with skill 2 and Flicker to engage/disengage).
Heal and Disrupt are a second-best option. Heal for obvious reasons, and Disrupt because Zip can end up behind enemy tower quite often.

arena of valor arcana indomitable
Arena of Valor Arcana Benevolence
arena of valor arcana mythril

Full-on tanking set of Arcana’s is much needed because Zip will take loads of damage over the course of one game.

AoV Zip tips and tricks

  • Spam use S1. Try using it onto the enemy hero, or the minion in his vicinity. Try timing it just before ally kills the minion, thus transfering damage to opponent
  • Keep S2 at ready for the case your marksman gets in danger, avoid wasting its cooldown.
  • Once the ultimate is available, quickly eliminate the minion wave and use S2 to pick up lane partner, then use the ultimate to roam to mid-lane. If everything goes according to plan, mid-laner will be one thankful player.

There is a huge number of ways you can play Zip in team fights. By not covering every possible way, let me lay down the main goals. Harass, Protect, Initiate and Disengage. Same as with laning, spam S1 whenever the enemy is near enough. When using S2+Ultimate combo to engage, make sure to pick up relevant allies.

Engaging at a close distance, pick up ONLY bruisers/tanks, avoid marksmen and mages. You don’t want to endanger squishies by moving them into the line of fire, especially when the distance is short and they can move as close as they want to.

However, if you go for the long-distance engage, then pick everyone up, otherwise, you split your own team in two, which is not a good idea.

The most important aspect of this hero is the fact he can bring the team together in a most literal way. Have this in mind and some of those games lost due to lack of teamwork, might not be lost.

Find out more about hero rankings at  Arena of Valor Tier List. We are glad you chose Bluemoongame for the source of all things mobile-gaming.