Welcome to the Arena of Valor (AoV) Marksman Tier List. Note that same champions (example Violet) can be in two different tier lists (Jungle and Marksman), and occupy different positions in those lists.
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After the rework we saw a resurgence of Tel’Annas, she is played left and right and with success. Not only she is strong, but also relatively simple in execution.

arena of valor dragon lane tier list
Currently, looking at the bottom two tiers (Fair and Good) and I am not happy with this Tier List. You might say if you are not happy with it… change it. And it is true, but here’s the problem: depending on my criteria, the value of specific hero changes. One goes up, other goes down. For example, Yorn has a global ultimate, but is lacking mobility and his control is not reliable. Slimz control is good but it is difficult-to-land skill shot plus some nice mobility. Fennik can destroy towers and late game he is kinda beast, but early game he is super-weak. Moren has good disengage/knockback and control tool, but his main strength – durability, is only present in prolonged fights. Violet is one of the best junglers around, but her strictly laning presence is non-existent unless she is ahead in farm/levels.

Everything about the bottom two marksman tiers is wrong. The main problem, it cannot be right.