Welcome to the Arena of Valor (AoV) Support Tier List. Here is presented current Solo queue hierarchy of Support champions.
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Current DS lane meta is dominated by the likes of Florentino and Riktor, both assassin types. This left little room in team composition for tanks, which means the value of tanky-supports has increased significantly.
The state of things now is as follows:

arena of valor support lane tier list

This is not set in stone as meta for support role is shifting like any other, maybe even more so because this role covers the gaps in teams, especially in teams lacking tanks and control.
The value of certain champion can dramatically increase depending on the composition of teams (both ally and the enemy team), depends on the type of engagement, the period of the game (early, late game), the lvl of team coordination and so on.
For example, if faced against heavy control team (Aleister, Tel’Annas, Zephys, Grakk…) in that case the value of Chaugnar increase significantly and could be considered Legendary/Epic easily.
Also, if DS lane picks a tanky hero, this opens up support to pick Annette or Alice, a nice support alternative (it is strange to say these two are “alternatives” but currently that’s the way it is).

Note: This list includes the community feedback gained from Facebook, Discord and Reddit communities.