Art of War 3 – Countermeasure Tool – released


Hey guys. As you know, if you want to learn something about certain mobile games and reach new in-game performance highs, there is no better place to visit then Bluemoongame.
The tools we create helps people understand the game and develop their skills. Such is the case with our latest creation, AoW3 Countermeasure Tool.
The purpose of this tool is simple, to gather what we know as the community in one package, easy to digest and understand and present it to a new player or to an old battle-hardened veteran that forgot thing or two.
The type of experience we talk about is very important for real-time strategies, how are units countering one another. The way we did so (as you can see if you browse Countermeasure Tool) is by creating 3 categories for every unit out there. The categories are:
– Extreme Danger
-Medium Danger
-Little to no Danger.
The factors we have taken into account are numerous, like armor type, amount of damage versus specific armor type, supply cost, Command Point cost, range and some special circumstances (for example Cyclone can see Barracuda while it is underwater).
By no means the positions of these units are set in stone, it is just a reflection of the experiences of several people in the main Facebook group dedicated to AoW3. If you think we got something wrong, let us know and we will take everything into account.
Hopefully, you guys find this tool to your liking and have good use of it.