One might ask why does Trump need a Wall?

We don’t know but that structure sure can be useful in Art of War 3. Considering how strong defensive buildings can be, many opposing players will opt to attack from the different side, and some will even just drive through and go to the back of your base and attack from there. Wall is there to close the entrance you cannot protect or to take wide open entrance and make it narrow and thus force opposing units to struggle in finding the place to stand and shoot and turn them into sitting ducks for your Torrents and other units.

The big problem about Wall is the space it takes. Space in Art of War 3 is a very limited resource and you should be careful spending it on building that isn’t producing units or resource.

Upgrade priority for Wall is as follows:

  1. Hardened Ceramic Armor
  2. Building Construction

Class: Wall (Defensive)

The Wall is the simplest defense construction used to block the way of enemy ground units.