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What does the Thor do while it flies over an enemy base?

–Pick off power plants to fuel Mjolnir. Funny? No? Doesn’t matter, at some level it’s true. Most of the times Thor’s job is to blow up power plants in order to shut down enemy defense structures, or steady supply income. Aside from being very sturdy, the Thor packs incredible destructive power within his one set of bombs. This makes him perfect for the job already described: destroying target’s that are not moving and have high value for the game at hand. Power plants are obvious but not the only choice you have. If enemy units are moving through a narrow path, or are standing in one place with no active air defense, it is as clear of a target as you get. Removing the artillery unit endangering your ground forces is also one of the good targets for Thor.

If you have enough Thor’s and Vertex fighters, one of the better combinations is to scout opponent for what kind of air defense he is building. If he is focused on Air defense towers, then go for his power plants with Thor’s and after that send Vertex’s to clean up. If, however, the enemy is building anti-aircraft units, then try to catch him off-guard and send Thor to deal with those, they are resilient enough to take some beating. The point is to neutralize the Anti-aircraft systems with Thor so the more fragile Vertex has the opportunity to cause mayhem.

When you build Thor, be sure to use him efficiently. For one he is taking up 6 command point and this is equal to, for example, 1 Zeus and 1 Hammer combined. The second issue with Thor is how it acts in combat. Basically, it will fly over the target and deliver a payload, then turn around and get back to base to restock. Now, yes, those bombs are extremely destructive, but it is a very long time between each consecutive bombing. So, if you miss the target or hit the non-important one, there is time-window where the enemy can strike with an advantage in numbers and strength.

And lastly, don’t ever leave the Thor just lying on the airfield because you forgot them or failed to find proper targets.

Upgrade priority for Thor:

  1. Heavy Ionic Engine
  2. Aerial Bomb
  3. Ceramic Aircraft Armo
  4. Heavy Ionic Engine

Class: Aviation

Produced in: Avia factory LVL 3

Most effective against buildings and dense clusters of units.

A tactical bomber, Thor is protected with heavy aircraft armor that allows it to penetrate into the heart of an enemy base and deliver a crushing blow to its infrastructure. Thor can drop bombs one once during one fight. Thor is based on an Airfield.


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