Upgrading Strategy

Upgrading in Art of War 3 is a long-term investment in your chance to win. You can upgrade Units and Buildings and it is important to know your priorities.

In order to upgrade something, you need regular currency and time. Every time you purchase an upgrade, the time for next purchase increases. The increase in cost and time needed to finish the upgrade is following a curve of an exponential growth. This means that after several upgrades are finished, time to upgrade that same thing will grow from minutes and hours to days and weeks.

-Be efficient when selecting upgrades. This means, plan according to the real-life schedule and time available to play the game. If you have spare time for the game, consider selecting upgrades with lower time requirements, so it ends before you finish the game and then select a new one. Once you are about to finish playing the game for that particular day, select an upgrade that takes time close to the brake you are about to make. For example, if you are going to sleep, select the upgrade that needs 8 to 12 hours to finish.

-Upgrade time can be shortened by viewing the commercial, and you can reduce the upgrade time by no less than 30minutes. You should not, under any circumstance, waste this on upgrade with less than 30 min requirement.

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-It is a generally good idea to pick few units to focus, create sort of build (for example my build is several Assault units, tons of Fortress vehicles and Heavy Assault infantry, topping it off with Vertex jet-fighters. Here and there some Torrent, Typhoon or Zeus, but it all depends from game to game). Now when picking what to upgrade, always consider what you plan to play and prioritize those units over others.

-If you plan to invest real life money, consider doing it at times you can buy a pack with secondary research queue, and only when there is a discount (unless you are blatantly rich). More on spending tactics in Art of War 3: Global Conflcict can be found here.

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-Try to take advantage of contracts, like ones with the goal to upgrade the specific unit. Completing these contracts will, basically, refund the portion of invested funds.

AoW3 guides

-Finally, don’t tunnel vision on one particular unit, building or any specific upgrade. Take into consideration everything. How much currency you have, and how much you need to upgrade. Upgrading prioritized unit over others is great, but if the upgrade is 2 day-long and you have plenty of 5min-1hour upgrades on other units, then change a priority. In essence, picking the unit to focus means you are one class of upgrades ahead on said units. When referring to “class of upgrades” I mean the time needed to finish the upgrade and not level of upgrade, because lvl 3 of one upgrade can be 30min, while the level 3 of some other can be 12hours.

These are just several upgrading tips that you can adapt to make better use of your time and increase the speed of getting an upgrade. These bits of advice are not “instant win” game changer, but in the long run, they will add to your improvement curve.

If you happen to have more experience, knowledge or wisdom, we invite you to share it with the community and help your fellow commander.