Astrokings Announcement

There’s another mobile 4X strategy game on the horizon, and this time, it’s space themed. I think the name Astrokings is pretty much self-explanatory of what you could expect from this game. It was made by AN Games, known for Astronest, Cosmic Kingdoms, and Ocean Heroes, and it’s currently in open beta on Android in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Astrokings is set in the distant future. Humankind has been under the looming threat of the alien confederation known as the Crux and decides to build a new civilization far from home. This game lets you develop an intergalactic civilization that spans over a variety of unique planets. You can also build space fleets, and govern over intergalactic policy while facing the upcoming alien threat. There’s a lot for you to explore in this game, from a lush story to numerous options for multiplayer action.

Astrokings could and should be your 4X mobile strategy game of choice, and here are a few reasons why. First of all, it’s the story. The base for Astrokings’ story was the New York Times best-selling series The Illuminae Files, created by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. These books follow a group of young people on a remote icy planet that found themselves in the midst of the conflict between two mega-corporations. The series contains three books, Illuminae, Gemina and Obsidio, and it’s so popular and full of accolades it even got a movie deal with Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment as the producer. Long story short, Astrokings has a really good sustention in form of rich world and fascinating story for players to explore.

Besides a great base for the story, Astrokings boasts some great visuals too. For a mobile game, the graphics are very close to amazing. Space battles, planet management, exploration, and resource exploitation are all in glorious 3D in real time and it looks great.

Like I said, all combat happens in real time, which gives Astrokings a tense, high-risk feeling. You will fight over resource sites, raid other planets, scout for intelligence (information, not alien intelligence), and team up with your allies in wide-ranging battles. The possibilities are nearly unlimited.

Battles aside, Astrokings is also an overreaching civilization management simulation. You’ll make decisions about managing resources and armies, and conduct research. You can also legislate policies to change the way your game is playing out. Should you need any help with the managing challenges, there will be a set of unique heroes to choose from. Each of them has their own unique buffs and bonuses for production.

AN Games has big plans for Astrokings. Following the beta, the developers intend to present some major features in the coming weeks. You can expect some wide-spreading wars that will determine who will rule the empire, as well as multiplayer server wars that will connect various galaxies. The development studio is also working to introduce trade planets, which will offer special deals for people looking to upgrade their battleships.

Based on everything we know so far, it seems that Astrokings will be a supreme space management- strategy- simulation game. It has a great background story, amazing graphics, extensive gameplay options and almost unlimited potential to grow into an expanding multiplayer game. We’ll be here with more information once the game exits beta phase and hits the shelves worldwide.