Attack on Titan Assault Mobile

Attack on Titan: Assault available now on iOS

Attack on Titan: Assault iOS release date finally came about and it was June 16. GameSamba made the announcement for what was highly anticipated FTP title. Attack on Titan: Assault Android mobile game was released back in February and now it’s time for iOS aficionados. The game is naturally based off of the critically acclaimed anime Attack on Titan and it contains themes from the entire series.

As a player in its universe, Attack on Titan: Assault mobile game brings the player to experience the life of an ordinary man fighting this threat of the Titans. It is a mobile game with runner and RPG moments, which are all mashed up the best way possible to transfer the fast-paced titan battle action seen in anime. However, players also need careful planning and every move they make needs to be calculated well.

Now that we have Attack on Titan: Assault mobile game on both iOS and Android, GameSamba promises that they are not stopping their work. They announced new content and more exciting features as they will seek to improve and expand the game as much as possible. Furthermore, they will provide the chance for new iOS users to catch up with the people that have played the game on Android. This will be possible before any new content is added with many new events already scheduled.

If you’re a fan and a player of Attack on Titan: Assault iOS and Android mobile game, stay in touch via their official Facebook, Discord, Twitter, or Instagram.