Augmented Reality Minecraft Coming Soon?


Microsoft has just baffled every Minecraft game lover in the world by teasing Minecraft Augmented Reality Mobile Game experience. The entire Minecraft AR reveal is apparently scheduled for next week as this Microsoft’s tease seems to trample even the Gameloft’s Xbox Live news.

The enormously popular fan favorite Minecraft game reaps the rewards of its ingenuity even today as there have been numerous mods, upgrades, expansions, and contents added making it a universal experience. However, there is one playing field Minecraft has yet to conquer and that is the Augmented Reality phenomenon.

Microsoft, a USA company based in Washington, released this teaser on May 6th:

Immediately after, numerous speculations flooded the web about how and what the game might be. And, admittedly, it could be a very interesting concept. However, Microsoft hasn’t given any further comment on it and instead invites everyone to be accounted for later this month. The full reveal is scheduled for May 17th, 2019, which is also Minecraft’s 10th anniversary, for it was originally released on that same day in 2009.

So, stay tuned for Minecraft’s 10th birthday and join in on the celebration as Microsoft’s Minecraft Augmented Reality mobile game is coming our way soon.