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Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Review

Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Mobile Review

Mighty Quest for Epic Loot mobile is out and it’s free-to-play! This turned into a much anticipated title for Ubisoft, which was confirmed in a brief period for pre-registration that began in May, and now the game is officially out. Besides the cool graphics, alluring gameplay, and a good sense of humor, what comes to […]

No Juventus in FIFA 2020! Konami got them first

PES 2020 Konami-Juventus Exclusive

Konami snatches Juventus FC all to itself for eFootball PES 2020, so FIFA 2020 won’t make any Juve fans happy, unfortunately. In a bold move, Konami has just attempted to secure Juve fans as players while the online community is actually upset for the commotion. What repercussions will this have on the game and on […]

Resident Evil 5 and 6 are coming to Switch this fall

Resident Evil 6 Switch

Resident Evil 5 and 6 Switch release date is set for October, as Capcom is finally reaching out to the fans that transitioned to Nintendo’s platform. Other installations of the horror franchise arrived on Switch earlier in 2019 though, so now is the time for 5 and 6. These two were not, however, the most […]

WhatsApp and Telegram users beware – security flaw allows hackers to manipulate media files

Cyber Security

WhatsApp & Telegram have been the main go-to chat apps for those users who do not wish to be a part of the mainstream media and, more importantly, who value their privacy. Telegram especially was known and praised for its highly sophisticated encryption coding and the fact that they never allied themselves with any government […]

SN30 Pro+ Controller is available for pre-order and it looks amazing

SN30 Pro Plus

SN30 Pro+ controller, dubbed the most advanced controller from 8BitDo, is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Its ‘most advanced ever’ title comes mainly from the fact that it comes with Ultimate Software that lets players customize every aspect and function on the controller there is. This puts this tool to the top when factoring […]

Chess Rush Review

Chess Rush Review

Chess Rush now rushes in on the Auto Chess bandwagon, as the genre keeps growing on a daily basis. With what is essentially chess, these games have found a way how to fuse together new gaming elements of our modern era with the first game ever, chess, and the Chinese genius invention called Mahjong. The […]

New update for PUBG Mobile is here

PUBG Mobile 0 13 5 is Out!

PUBG Mobile update 0.13.5 is now live on Android and iOS and it is bringing tons of anticipated stuff, like the Upgraded Season System, new Royale Pass, iOS Background downloading feature, and more. This update has proven to be quite useful in its beta testing stages for both Android and iOS and now Season 8 […]

First 2020 iPhone talks and rumors

iPhone 2020 Leak

iPhone 11 release date is set for November 3rd, 2019, but iPhone 2020, next year’s upcoming models, is already stealing its thunder. The first features are slowly emerging and the rumors about its features give an outstanding sales prognosis. The spotlight is certainly to be vacant until 2020, but next year’s flagship requirements might’ve just […]

USA VS China Phone Wars Round 10

USA vs China Phone Wars Round 10

In a Huawei VS Trump or USA VS China war, and war it surely is, the latest development concerns those who really suffer in any conflict on any scale – the people. Online reports are coming in about Huawei’s planned layoffs reaching massive proportions and it is all due to the reduced amount of work […]

If you like Mobile Legends don’t miss out on the MOONTON Epicon

Moonton Epicon 2019

Mobile Legends franchise is about to get a major boost according to the latest news in the gaming world. MOONTON, the developer of MLBB, is holding their first ever global conference, in Malaysia, and according to reports, we are in for some big announcements as to the state of the franchise. Also, they have something […]