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Dawn of Isles Review

Dawn of Isles featured

NetEase’s Dawn of Isles mobile game, the newest MMORPG, is available on Android and iOS now. The global launch was celebrated on an exciting crossover even between Dawn of Isles and KUMAMON, as NetEase announced their new adventure MMORPG on June 4th. Dawn of Isles Android and iOS is now released on Google Play and […]

Dead by Daylight coming to Mobile

Dead by Daylight Upcoming

Dead by Daylight mobile is finally arriving in our pocket devices, three years since its release. The Asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror PC video game Dead by Daylight release date was in 2016, and now Behaviour Interactive is bringing it to mobile after it achieved critical acclaim on PlayStation4 and Xbox One in 2017. Dead by […]

Samsung will use AMD’s graphics technology in their future Smartphones

Samsung logo

Samsung uses AMD’s Graphics for Smartphones! The deal was just signed that is said to give Samsung phones a keen advantage over the competition. According to the disclosed info, AMD is going to license their custom graphics IP for phones made by Samsung. It is said that the IP is going to be relying on […]

Escape or Imprison Review

Escape or Imprison Review

Escape or Imprison? For The Shawshank Redemption or Prison Break fans, Escape or Imprison mobile game should be a natural choice. Except, instead of plotting, secretly digging, or slowly working your way up the prison hierarchy, here you kick and beat the hell out of everyone that stands in your way to freedom. For a […]

Era of Legends Tips and Tricks

Era of Legends Tips and Tricks

Era of Legends mobile game is an MMORPG experience that has gathered a significant number of dedicated players in the past two months. The game showed high hopes quickly as Era of Legends release date for mobile devices was in March 2019. Now, an extensive content of various guides and instructional material can be found […]

AntHolic Review

AntHolic Review

If you need some time killing, killing virtual ants in AntHolic mobile game should do the trick. AntHolic is a hyper-casual game, made and designed to do just that, with a simple tap of your finger. Burning or collecting ants in a jar used to be children’s favorite pastime, back in the ‘80s and the […]

Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest Review

Warhammer Chaos & Conquest Review

Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest iOS and Android mobile game is a new strategy game set in the Warhammer universe. It is published by Tilting Point and was released just a few days ago. However, the game already amassed quite the following and overly positive reviews on both Google Play and the iTunes App Store. It […]

Pokémon Rumble Rush Review

Pokemon Rumble Rush Review

Pokémon Rumble Rush mobile game is the newest edition into the Pokémon Rumble franchise, making it the 5th entry. So far released for Android, the worldwide release date for Pokémon Rumble Rush was on May 22nd, 2019, while it has been out a week before on Google Play in Australia. While the iOS version release […]

Super Mario Maker 2 Switch Review

Super Mario Maker 2 Switch Review

Super Mario Maker 2 release date is set for June 28th, 2019, but we were among the lucky ones to get access to some gameplay footage already. With the success of the first Super Mario Maker, this sequel Super Mario Maker 2 Switch is eagerly awaited by everyone and so far, judging by the feedback […]

Baldur’s Gate 3 in development by Larian?

Baldurs Gate 3 Teaser

We all love Larian, right? Their Divinity RPG has owned its respective portion of the old school hype for the genre and today they enjoy well-earned respect. They are founded in 1996 in Belgium, by a guy called Swen Vincke, and they are almost entirely focusing on RPGs. Their Divinity series began in 2002, with […]