Survival Heroes Featured

Survival Heroes – the new exciting game featured by BlueMoonGame!

On October 31, 2018, the well known mobile gaming company Snail Games (Taichi Panda, Dragon Hunter, Blade Reborn…) released probably the most anticipated mobile game in this year – Survival Heroes. Survival Heroes is a mix between MOBA and Battle Royal, and everyone wanted to see what the game has to offer considering the popularity […]

Tier Lists for Marvel Strike Force 2.1

Tier Lists for Marvel Strike Force 2.1 are finally here

EDIT: The latest Marvel Strike Force patch 3.0 can be found HERE 3 weeks ago Foxnext released MSF version 2.1 with new heroes who changed the overall game balance. As you know, BlueMoonGame features every new MSF update and present you Tier Lists accordingly. This time we waited to see the changes in the game balance through […]

knights chronicle

New Quests, New Costumes, New Heroes … and much more in Knights Chronicle 1.5 Update !

NetMarble is definitely doing everything they can to keep the player base and to improve the game-play! We anticipated that a new update will be out soon, but no one guessed that improvements will be this good and interesting. We got a new Epic quest line with Teo and Lena which will award players with […]

Marvel Strike Force New Heroes

Brotherhood of Mutants has arrived!

We didn’t wait long before FoxNext fulfilled their promise and released rest of Brotherhood of Mutants into the fray. On Friday, 9th November 2018, Magneto, Pyro and Juggernaut showed up in Marvel Strike Force roster. Their release concludes the releasing of new Mutants and brings new grinding tasks in front of the players because it […]

Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest Mobile is another game featured by BlueMoonGame!

On 4th September 2018, Shanda Games released Dragon Nest M for Android and Ios. The game is a mobile version of the famous Dragon Nest released by Eyedentity Studios. Until now it has more than a million downloads and an average score of 4.7. Because of its growing popularity and game quality, Blue Moon Game decided […]

marvel strike force sabretooth

Wolverine’s evil counterpart entered the fray. Beware of the Sabretooth!

Just two weeks ago FoxNext presented us with Mystique and now we can farm another Mutant. Sabretooth delivers nothing new into Marvel Strike Force since most of his abilities are already seen in the game but his statistics combined with skills and upcoming Mutants from Brotherhood could change the current game balance. We already know […]

New heroes in Knights Chronicle

Surprise, surprise!!! New heroes in Knights Chronicle

When I presented “naughty girls” 10 days ago I said that we will not wait long before NetMarble introduces new heroes, and NetMarble confirmed my expectations. After only 1 week Knights Chronicle team came out with new Halloween Event and two new heroes. It is obvious that Devs are doing everything they can to prolong game-hype […]

Knights Chronicle Update

Knights Chronicle – the game where naughty girls make the rules!

After the last update, NetMarble surprised us with the new advent and three new characters! Someone would think that introducing new characters every 2 weeks is a little bit too much but obviously NetMarble thinks otherwise and continues to bring changes to Knight Chronicle at a furious pace. Along with the new Lily advent, Knights Chronicle community […]

Mystique - The mutant woman

Mystique – The mutant woman with many faces

As promised, Foxnext is introducing new mutants in Marvel Strike Force! Mystique was announced earlier but she entered MSF roster just this Friday (12th October 2018). As she appeared, we immediately learned that Magneto will also be introduced soon because all of her skills work better with Magneto. That news was most welcomed by all Marvel fans […]

Marvel Strike Force introduced level 7

Marvel Strike Force introduced level 7 for special skills and ultimate

Foxnext continues to bring changes and balance updates to our beloved Marvel Strike Force. After the last maintenance, all heroes in MSF roster got the 7th level for special skill and ultimate and the level cap is increased to level 70. Price for acquiring level 7 skill is high and it cost 220 T4 ability material for […]