AxE: Alliance vs Empire


This is one quite peculiar game concerning its attitude toward players’ dedication to the gameplay. We have never seen the game which takes a core activity like the gameplay in such a relaxed way. Basically, whether you decide to involve yourself in the activities on the screen or not is one of the least relevant things about this game.

Of course, this doesn’t mean this game is some shovelware, on the contrary. This is one of the most polished games in the genre and it is quite enjoyable to play if you decide to. If not, the game will take care of things by itself. And the thing is, you will probably decide for the former and let the game deal with all the killings and running and adventuring.

However, that would take you to the wrong conclusion that you are left without any control over your characters. Instead of focusing on action, you can concentrate on the metagame, enhancing the equipment, buffing stats and picking the quest you want to finish. Concerning the story, you might as well ignore it without losing any important aspect in this game because it has absolutely null original elements or any reasons to engage in.

With all this said, turns out that AxE: Alliance vs Empire is, for better or worse, sort of advanced clicker game. With the difference that clicking is entirely optional here. If you ever played at least one mobile MMO game you will see a lot of familiar elements in all that running and picking quests, smashing up monsters and heading into dungeons. There are even guilds to join, sub-quests and daily challenges. Whatever you do it will somehow add to your stats, which truly amplifies the feeling of purpose diminished by the lack of direct control over your character’s actions. Speaking about characters, there are all sorts of them to play with. They are sorted to Alliance and Empire, which restricts the classes you may assign to them.

In any other circumstances, we would say that you should pick the class that suits your gameplay the most, but considering there is no gameplay this choice is more aesthetic than anything else. Unless you choose to contribute the action directly, in which case your choices will define your experience.

Even if you dislike the pure neglect over the players’ actions, there is a lot of things to fancy about this game. It is extremely polished, filled to the brim with content and it has a masterfully wrought pace that will make you immerse in the world of Alliance and Empire in no time. If you look at this game as an RPG character manager rather than MMO, you might enjoy it a bit more than you intended to.

6.7 Fair
  • Atmosphere 8
  • Graphics 8
  • Gameplay 4
  • User Ratings (7 Votes) 5