Badlands Brawl

Seeing the title someone would think of the popular TV show Into the Badlands, which included a lot of brawls within. However, someone would be dead wrong, because this game, made by the developer Frogmind, is a mixture of Angry Birds and Clash Royale.

Badland Brawl is a Free To Play deck-building real-time multiplayer game that is a spinoff of the Frogmind Badland franchise. Style-wise, this game is similar to other free to play deck-building games, most notably Clash Royale, but one major difference in gameplay is that the attackers are launched off slingshots in a sort of Angry Birds style. The goal is to destroy the opponent’s tower three times, and with all the chaos that ensues with multiple units flying left and right on the battlefield.

Players have a deck made of 8 cards out of 32 possible. Each card has its own upsides and downsides. Units are launched from a slingshot, but only when you have enough amount of mana.  The cards have different degrees of rarity, namely Primal, Evolved, and Mythic, with Unreal being a new rarity type since April 2018. Warfare generally includes not only slamming on your opponent with strength but also your units being pushed around, blown up, and snagged out of the sky.

Badlands Brawl

Multiplayer is done in real time, and one nice feature that will be included in the next versions is built in replay viewer, so-called BadTube. This viewer will help players learn new tactics by watching other people play.

The most interesting thing about Badland Brawl is how they’re expanding on the original Badland universe with so many new characters while still retaining that stylish look of the original games.  Finnish players (or people having a Finnish iTunes account) can try out the game already. Frogmind is currently stress tests their servers and other features of the game, and after that, they will slowly start to roll out the game to more countries. We’ll inform you about the process as we would find out more about it.

Badland Brawl was soft-launched in Finland in November 2017 on iOS, and it expanded to an over a dozen countries soon after. It soft-launched to the same countries on Android in April 2018. It has not been released in the United States. Overall, the game received a positive impression. If you’re into card games and rudimentary physics, especially slingshot launch, this would be a good game to spend a couple of days with.