Bargain Hunter Review


One of the most popular TV program formats lately is thrift shop wars, in which various people are trying to dig out valuable items from seemingly worthless piles of trash. This apparently inspired some developers into making this interesting premise into a board game and later into a video game. Long story short, that’s how we got Bargain Hunter.

bargain hunter

This game puts you in the role of an upcoming bargain hunter, who tries to make a fortune from selling valuable items found in unexpected places. You start small, in your shabby house with a rusty old car and a few bucks, trying to leap off and get rich or go bankrupt trying.

You’ll visit various places, such as lawn sales, thrift stores, flea markets, and antique dealers in order to find unsuspicious precious items and make a bargain that could launch you into wealth. You can even hunt metal on the beach. Possibilities are endless. There’s a remarkable range of items to choose from, from teapots to teddy bears and vases to violins.

bargain hunter

If you think you can negotiate the price, you can try your luck in haggling with sellers, and try to strike the best deal. There’s also the option to inspect items for damage or some secret feature. Needless to say, you gotta be careful with these options, for being too eager will raise the sellers’ awareness and the deal will be off.

After you buy the item and prepare it for the sale, all you need is to head down to the saleroom for the crown event of the evening – auction. There you’ll get your fingers, toes, and teeth crossed to hear and see the auctioneer selling your loot to the highest bidder, hopefully earning you a fat stash of dough too. However, you have to be careful with expectations, because sometimes the auction can turn out to be a disaster for you.

bargain hunter

Do not think that all your troubles are over once is you get to the auction. if you happen to bring junk to the valuer, he will throw it back at you without any hesitation. And if you mess up too many times you will end up in a way worse situation than you were at the beginning, with bills and debts piled up, and bankruptcy looming over you.

If you’re ready to put everything on the risk in order to trade your way to the top, this game will provide you supreme fun. Fortune or failure awaits you in wheeling and dealing world of Bargain Hunter.

7.0 Fair
  • Gameplay 8
  • Graphics 6
  • Atmosphere 7
  • User Ratings (13 Votes) 4.8