Battle Breakers

Battle Breakers has officially launched worldwide

Battle Breakers launched by Epic Games for iOS, Android, and PC even, after a lengthy period of time spent in soft launch phase. We say lengthy, but actually, it’s been two years, for the game was soft-launched in 2017 and was set to release that same year. But, either they’ve had a change of heart and the adaptation for the three platforms took so long, or something went horribly wrong.

Now, you all know Epic Games, don’t you? They are behind such titles as Fortnite, Unreal, Gears of War, and many others. The Unreal Engine they built, which has been commercially available since, was listed by Guinness World Records as the ‘most successful video game engine’. Now, when a company like that misses its initial launch estimate by two years, you do tend to worry. However, the result is a catchy presentation of a hero collector RPG that looks impressive and has cool gameplay, at first glance.

Battle Breakers characters or heroes are just a tip of the iceberg as this game attempts something more than just collecting them, leveling them up, and assembling your best team. Firstly, basic matches feature crystal breaking in order to go through particular levels that yield currency and rewards, which is quite snappy and is kind of a gatcha mechanic. You use the currency for different actions in the game, mainly to unlock stronger heroes and build a stronger team. When the going gets really tough, the game becomes increasingly challenging and throws enemies at the player and boss battles.

Battle Breakers

The game is free to play but also offers a Battle Pass for more advanced users. Now, Epic Games made cross-platform play enabled, so you can sync it with your PC and Smartphone. Saves, progress, and everything achieved can be transferred from one platform to another, including the Epic Games Store. After a lengthy postpone period, Epic is also celebrating this launch by giving away in-game rewards which yield after the tutorial, like the Dark Beastman Hero or some other strong upgrades.

The launch celebration rewards are a limited-time thing and will be available until November 27. You can earn them in-game by beating the game’s tutorial stage and claiming it. Epic is also promising crossover events between Battle Breakers and Fortnite, and it looks like the real reason for the delay unfolds as they clearly have big plans for this game. However, this is as of yet only rumored and it remains to be seen if this latest title will catch on.