Cyber Monday Smartphone Deals

Best Cyber Monday Smartphone Deals

Cyber Monday Smartphone Deals have dawned today, on December 2nd, and if you have saved up for a new device, we looked at the web for some eye-catching deals. Of course, we’d be talking from a gamer’s perspective, but as the saying goes “A good gaming phone can do anything and everything other Smartphones can”. That’s the ancient saying that we just made up, but it’s probably true anyway…

Cyber Monday is always the first Monday after the all-American holiday Thanksgiving. It was initially celebrated in the US, but many online retailers adopted the custom as tradition. The entire phenomenon began in the early ‘00s, after many retailers reported their revenue increased substantially on the first Monday after Thanksgiving. Then some magazine threw in the term “Cyber Monday”, and the rest is history. So, we checked out just these kinds of websites that offer discounts today for ordering Smartphones, and we’ve taken into account the specifications, chipset (very important), storage space, and of course price, with camera setup and size just behind the CPU.

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NOTE: The deals in the links are only valid on December 2nd, 2019. Many of the prices, if not all, revert automatically back to the original immediately after midnight, which is only a few more hours in some areas. Please take note to fully check if the discount is valid, and also to account for the shipping prices and if the Smartphone is new or in used condition.