Best of Google play in 2018

Best Google Play Games of 2018

It may not be a time to say “Ho, ho, ho!” but it is that time of year when we should take a look back and see what the passing year brought us. While there will be many lists coming your way in the next period, it was somehow fitting to start the best-of-season with Google Play’s own Best Games of 2018 choice.

The new this year is the Fan Favorite category which was about time, really, to be added to the mix. Just a reminder for all of you out there that will wonder why Fortnite is not on the list – Epic Games decided to skip offering their popular game through Google Play since it would require from the company to pay a 30 percent fee. Therefore, even though Fortnite is undoubtedly a very hot commodity, it will not be included in this list.

Pubg Mobile

Many of you may have already guessed that the first place among the Most Competitive Games of 2018 belongs to Tencent’s PUBG Mobile. The game had over 100,000,000 downloads and numerous tournaments all around the world. This online multiplayer battle royale game is also available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, iOS and PlayStation 4 and its success is astounding considering it was released in 2017 first, while Android version was launched this year. Among the Most Competitive Games of 2018 you will find Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realm War, Dragon Ball Legends, Asphalt 9: Legends, Badland Brawl, and others.

The Most Innovative Games of 2018 brings titles that sure have brought something new to the Android world. The first game here is Gorogoa, a puzzle game which expects you to create pictures from frames – something that is not as easy as it sounds once you start. Then we have here Hero Hunters a third person shooter with RPG and battle royale style of playing and more than 50 heroes to build a mighty team. Another interesting title here is Battlelands Royale with over 10,000,000 downloads and it even got the festive update just in time for the holidays. The matches here last 3-5 games and when 32 players jump in, it’s lots of fun to play. Some of the other games here are Life is Strange and Umiro a story about two characters in a world without color and no memory about their past.

Casual gaming is not only going strong, but it turned out to be very lucrative for the developers. These games are not too complicated and actually are relaxing. And the best part is that you can play them even if you haven’t played anything before. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that The SimsTM Mobile is on the top of the Best Casual Games of 2018 part of the list. After all, this mobile take on the classic PC game works just fine on smartphones and many even found it quite refreshing from all other casual games available. Another interesting title here is Orbia: Tap and Relax which has over a million downloads through Google Play alone. This game is a perfect title to play with friends and challenge them to overcome obstacles and perfect their tapping skills. Other titles here are Murder in the Alps for those who like to solve mysteries, Faraway 3: Arctic Escape – a puzzle game with just enough adventure to make it all more interesting and, of course, Candy Crush Friends Saga which rules the lists of casual games since the first title in the franchise.

The Best Indie Games part of any list is always a thrill to examine, at least for me since I really appreciate the good work and enthusiasm indie developers put into their titles. This year, it’s really going to be interesting both for the game developers and gamers, and surely you will see a lot of other games making the cut on other lists. However, Google Play highlighted Return 77 on top of their the Best Indie Games of 2018 part of the list. The game is about solving puzzles and figuring out alien technology by Fantastic, Yes studio with the amazing 3D environment and impressive narrative. The next title here is Reigns: Game of Thrones where you get to play as one of the characters from the beloved HBO show and maybe get the Iron Throne all for yourself. Alto’s Odyssey will not only charm you with its gameplay but also with its atmosphere by the indie developer Snowman who only received praise for this title. With over a million downloads, Cube Escape: Paradox is a thrill to play about a detective suffering from amnesia who tries to find his way from a room full of mysteries. Another nice indie title on this list is Evoland 2, a GameBoy-style type of game with RPG elements and nostalgia-filled fights.

So, there you go when it comes to Google Play list of the Best Games of 2018. However, bear in mind that we are yet to see the list of the best Android games from other sources, including our very own here at Blue Moon Games. So, stay tuned!