Bethesda finally updated DOOM and DOOM II, login is now optional

DOOM and DOOM II were both updated by Bethesda due to the practically unanimous complaints by the gaming community about the mandatory login. The players were forced to do a mandatory login to in order to play any of these two titles, but after extensive complaints and petitions, at least verbal ones, the developer has accommodated the community by removing the mandatory login.

Bringing updated and adapted versions of DOOM and DOOM II to Google Play and iTunes App Store delighted us all and we are grateful of course. But, the account login requirement was…well, tedious and unnerving. Now, you can just go ahead and skip the Create Account phase and go straight ahead to shooting, with your progress still saved. The Register screen will still appear on your login, but this time the ‘Skip’ button will work. Reportedly, it was always present on iOS’ version but it didn’t work.

Now, the login itself is not that terrifying concept, but if you played any of these two titles so far and tried to accommodate Bethesda by actually creating an account and registering, you know that it would just lead to a never-ending loading screen and that would only be the beginning of the waiting process. Now, this is a prime example of how the publisher simply keeps the ear to the ground and listens to the players, and Bethesda has earned a big applause for this one, according to many online sources. DOOM mobile game was brought as a 25th anniversary edition and it’s $4.99 to download the app and play, now without any distractions. DOOM II 25th anniversary is this year, and it is also $4.99 on both iTunes App Store and Google Play, so dive in if you haven’t already.