Bethesda stands accused of plagiarism


Bethesda Softworks, the American studio that brought us The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4, stands accused of plagiarism. A few days ago, Bethesda has announced that they are investigating claims that are a part of their marketing initiative tied to the ESO expansion Elsweyr.

While promoting their upcoming ESO expansion, Bethesda has marketed the upcoming RPG adventure with posts on their Facebook page, which have since been deleted. The case was first noticed and reported by Ars Technica. That Bethesda’s upcoming adventure is to be based on the rules from the famous Wizards of the Coast Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition. However, as the reports say, it’s not just the core rules they took but almost the entire adventure made in 2016.

It appears that their upcoming ESO copies almost entirely a scenario called “The Black Road” made for the 2016 mentioned title. The D&D rules are of course always available for other people so that everyone could create their own adventures. This “The Black Road” scenario is a part of the Storm King campaign, which is entirely under copyright law, and it was made by Paige Leitman and Ben Heisler.

Leitman responded immediately by commenting directly to the later deleted Facebook posts, while Heisler tweeted: “It’s a surreal day when a top tier gaming company steals your s#&^”