Black Bulls won the Guns of Boom Season One final

Black Bulls won the Guns of Boom Season One final and $60 000

Guns of Boom is one of the mobile games with a tournament aspect on par with console and PC scene. Last weekend, a grand final of Season One, which began in July, took place in Los Angeles. The eight qualified teams competed for the prize pool of $120,000. Out of 8 teams, the half were European and another half American. The European teams were Black Bulls (former Yakuza), ForZe, Back to Back and Iesa Israel Esports, while the US was represented by Hyped Up, :V, Yakuza! and Amplified.

The first day of the tournament started with the matches in the upper and lower bracket. In the first match, Black Bulls defeated Amplified with the result 2:0. Back to Back won over :V by 2:1, IESA defeated Hyped by 2-1, while Yakuza defended the honor of US by defeating ForZe by 2-1. Winners went to the winner semifinals, where Back to Back upset Black Bulls by defeating them cleanly with the result of 0:2, while Yakuza! Won over IESA 2:1. In the lower bracket, Amplified won over fellow American team :V by 2:1, while Hyped defeated Forze by 2:0. That concluded the day one of the tournament finals.  

Guns of Boom Season One Finale

Day two continued with the losers’ semifinals. IESA defeated Amplified with 2:1, while BlackBulls won over Hyped with 2:0. In the winners’ finals Back to Back defeated Yakuza with 2:1 and qualified into a grand finals, where they waited for the winner from the losers’ finals. In the semifinals of the lower bracket, BlackBulls defeated IESA by 3:0. The next match was a losers’ final, which was the most uncertain, but in the end, Black Bulls defeated Yakuza and went to super finals. Finally, in the last match of the tournament, two European teams crossed their aims. Black Bulls emerged victorious over Back to Back by the 3:1 and won the title, $60.000 and the glory of the first Guns of Boom seasonal champion. Not only Black Bulls won the tournament, they automatically qualified for the #IEM KATOWICE 2019 event in February.

Guns of Boom Finale

Guns of Boom continues to prove that mobile games are slowly becoming serious tournament material. With the successful first season, the hardest step into the mainstream tournaments is made. Hopefully, ESL will continue to support Guns of Boom tournament, and hopefully, we’ll see more mobile games having their own esports leagues and competitive stage.