Black Desert Mobile Future Plans

Black Desert Mobile upcoming content and future plans revealed

Black Desert Mobile released on December 11, after a secured pre-launch download and character setup availability. The release was thus quite stable and without any hiccups, which is a tremendous feat in and of itself as the last reported figure of pre-registered players was reaching over 4.5 million! The game immediately achieved the same critical acclaim as it did after its original release in Asia, in 2018, and it is available for both Android and iOS. As more and more people are starting their journey, Pearl Abyss already revealed that it is always one step ahead in terms of new content and stuff, and they gave us the broad strokes.

One thing that we immediately noticed is that this release in the western market came with some features of the game missing, which can be found in the eastern version. To address our concerns and to lay their plan, Pearl Abyss showcased some of the upcoming stuff.

For starters, there is no “Awakening” late-game system currently, and when players of the western version get a character up to level 65, they do not have access to the unlockable skills, additional weapon types, and other things.

However, this is not such a bad omission, as reaching level 65 in Black Desert Mobile is quite an undertaking. In fact, reaching level 65 in this game will take more than a year of real-time, not in-game time of course. But, this is not all as there are a couple of character classes also missing in this western version, yet the Pearl Abyss says they will be added in the coming period. They dished out a time table with some main features that will be added in the course of 2020, and you can check it out below:

Black Desert Mobile Future Plans List

Founded in 2010, Pearl Abyss is a studio based in South Korea and this MMORPG title is its most prized and celebrated creation. The studio uses their own proprietary engine and is praised for its cutting-edge visual style and graphics, as well as an innovative take on the whole genre in terms of gameplay mechanics and everything else. The game achieved acclaim for its in-depth open-world setting, high levels of customization, both visual and in terms of playstyle, and it has broken all norms in virtually every other aspect.

We can now choose between Warrior, Giant, Ranger, Valkyrie, and Witch classes along with praised Black Desert Mobile character customization tweaks, appearance, gear visuals, accessories, tattoos, and much more. The game already had a 20 million strong player base with its PC, Xbox, and mobile platforms in Asia, and these 4.5 million pre-registered users for the western release could easily mean there are already 5 million people in-game, so it’s quite the party!