Blade Reborn

Blue Moon Game’s Introduction to the Blade Reborn

You may have heard of Taichi Panda; it has three games and at least two of those made quite a boom on the market. Snail, the developer behind those games, are finally releasing another MMORPG (and I would honestly rather call it MMOARPG, because it is an Action RPG in a traditional sense – Diablo-like hack ‘n’ slash with isometric camera). Well, Blue Moon Game will be giving you guys our first impressions of the game so you know whether it is worth your attention or not.

So, Blade Reborn…

First, let’s talk a bit about the developer. Snail is a Chinese company which has quite a few games under their belt, with another part of their business being Virtual Network Operator. They were founded back in 2014, and, as you imagine – they make games quite fast. They have over 1500 employees, so they hold some global presence and their games have been localized into more than 20 languages. While they won a lot of awards, it can be attributed to their success that they were one of the first online game companies in China. So, Blade Reborn comes from an experienced studio, right?

Yes, but it is not like Snail hasn’t made a lot of horrendous mistakes. One of them being tied to Blade Reborn. I’ll try to be on point here – once the open beta was done, they softlaunched the game… only in Australia and New Zealand. A huge mistake, if you ask me (and I played a lot of that beta). Softlaunch should be something that just makes the game better and, after wiping the servers clean, people who played the beta would hurry to try different characters and builds or simply use the knowledge they gained from playing the game before the release. The way it was done, most people got region-locked, and they couldn’t play for two months. This left a bad taste in our mouths – and many players just got bored waiting for the game to become available in their region and left, looking to find their fun in some other game. And hey, nobody can blame them. This was a great misstep from Snail, if you ask me. Luckily, the game is getting released in many different regions now and should be globally available on March 27th, 2018.

Blade Reborn In Game

Now, let us finally talk about the game itself, right? In case you are new to the style of the game and don’t know the ‘originator’ of this type of gameplay (well, similar to this anyway), this game is a Diablo clone, only it’s an MMO. The other difference is that this game doesn’t have connected world and levels and you have separate missions (or should I say arenas?) with a boss waiting at the end of each. The game doesn’t require you to play manually through it – like some other Snail games, the game basically plays itself. You click on the quest and your character rushes forward to get it done. This is great when classic farming quests are in question (like, kill 10 of these and these opponents). It is not that great when fighting hard bosses, so I’d switch to manual then if I were you, because you can dodge the bosses attacks; the AI isn’t fast enough for that. The AI, however, is great with using cooldowns – you won’t be seeing skills not being used, as your character on autopilot is a killing machine. He/she runs forward and clears everything that is in his/her path.

This might sound like the game is for the ‘filthy casuals’, which it is, but after so many games of the same type, manual farming got incredibly boring. That’s why this autoplay is actually pretty fun, because as your character is running around and destroying things, you can handle your inventory, which comes as quite standard, but your daily options and the ways to upgrade items, mounts and pretty much everything else is very balanced and fun. There are events, of course, like the World Bosses etc, which are… okay, aside from dying many times to the World Bosses’ attack which kind of came out of nowhere.

The visuals are great for a mobile game, and the action is very well done. I enjoy watching my character smash things to pieces and fight dragons, orcs, and demons (and even angels, or angel-like beings at least). The VFX (visual effects) are well-done and the animations flow one into another fluidly.

"The Bottom Line is, the Game is a lot of fun!"

The bottom line is, the game is great fun. You will ride your mount around (not that it is very useful, but it looks awesome), go on missions and smash things in Diablo-style Action RPG turned MMO. There are tons of items, upgrades, and cosmetics, so if this sounds fun to you, go and get it on March 27th (or, you know, whenever you want at a later date).