Wednesday, February 20

Axe Skills and Talents

Axe Skills - deal Earth damage:


Full Moon Cut

Brutalizer will slash with both of his axes, dealing damage to all enemies within a 5m radius in a 180-degree arc. This skill is great for clearing out large groups of minions, and because of that, extremely useful in PvE. It is, most likely, the highest damage dealing out of all Tier 1 skills.


Tier I Talent: Full Moon Cut

Strangely, this Talent and the skill have the same name… Anyway, after activating it your Brutalizer will hit anything in a 360 Degree Arc when using the Full Moon Cut (skill) - which makes it even better at clearing mobs. Not bad at all, Medium Priority Talent (maybe even High).


Ruthless Axe

This talent will increase the damage by an additional 10%. The damage of the skill is solid, so a 10% increase is OK. Medium Priority Talent.



Brutalizer will dash toward the target, dealing a large amount of damage and knocking down minions. Very good single target damage (especially for a skill of this Tier) and also very good speed when dashing makes this skill a great choice for running through the Dungeon in order to reach the Boss as soon as possible. This will be your main skill for escaping and chasing down players in PvP, and it is also possible to avoid some of the boss AoE skills with it. Overall, a very useful skill.


Tier I Talent: Deftness

After activating the Slam you’ll gain 30% movement speed buff for 3 seconds. It will increase the Brutalizer’s mobility even further (and he really needs that), so I would say that this is a very good, High Priority Talent. If you plan on just using the Auto-Combat option (which I don’t recommend) you might as well skip it.


Warriors Road

Your charge distance will be increased by 10%. Same as with the Deftness, more mobility is great, but only if you’re not using Full Auto combat. However, 10% charge distance is not that much at all. Because of that, this is a Medium Priority Talent.


Jump Strike

Brutalizer will jump up and strike enemies 5 times for a huge amount of damage, knocking them down on the last strike (will also knock down players if their parry has been broken). It is very important to point out that you can manually direct where your character will jump, making it possible to move around while dealing damage at the same time. Another selling point of this skill is a huge amount of damage that it deals - way more than any other Brutalizer skill, excluding the Ultimates. One combo that I find very effective is hitting the Boss/player with this skill as soon as you deplete their parry break bar, and then hitting them with the Battle Fury. This will deal enormous amounts of damage, and more often than not your target won’t survive the combo.


Tier I Talent: Easy Damage

Jump Strike damage will increase by 10%. Great Talent, this skill already deals enormous amounts of damage, so 10% is a very significant increase. Definitely a Very High Priority Talent.


Tier II Talent: Sharpness

Skill cooldown will be reduced by 2 seconds. Very good talent, the sooner you can activate your most damaging skill, the better. High Priority Talent.


Battle Fury - Ultimate

Brutalizer will stand in place swinging both of his axes for a few seconds and dealing damage to any enemy up to 6m in front of him. Amazing skill, it probably deals the highest amount of damage out of all skills in Blade Reborn. The only drawback is that it doesn’t have a huge reach, and you’re locked in place while it’s active, so it’s possible to miss your target. The solution for this would be to use your Battle Fury only vs enemies whose parry brake value has been depleted. That way they will be constantly staggered and unable to get out of your range. All in all, Battle Fury is great and I love it, but if you can’t reliably hit with it, you’re probably better off using a Greatsword Rage. With all that said, this skill should be your primary Boss killer.


Tier I Talent: Warlord

Even better than Giant’s Grasp, the Brutalizer and his weapons will both grow in size, thus gaining more range.  Very cool looking and unusual Talent, for a few seconds you’ll become a giant that wields huge axes. From a functional side, this is somewhat useful, as more range is always nice, especially on the Ultimate skill. High Priority Talent.


Tier II Talent: Brute Force

This talent will increase the damage of Battle Fury by 10%. Awesome, you have the highest damage dealing skill in the game, and with Tier II talent it is possible to increase the damage even more. Should I say anything else? Very High Priority Talent, no doubt about it.