Saturday, February 23

Sword Skills and Talents

Sword Skills - deal Fire damage:


Greatsword Cut

Brutalizer will jump high in the air and swing his sword downwards hitting any enemies within 10m and also launching them in the air, thus making them unable to act for a few seconds. This skill is great for both  PvP and PvE because of a very good reach and solid damage for a Tier 1 skill. It can be used to stay out of range of bosses and players and hit them from afar, while at the same time avoiding their attacks. In short, this is the most (and probably the only) “cheese” skill that the Brutalizer has.


Tier I Talent: Giant's Grasp

Brutalizer will enlarge his sword when you activate the Greatsword Cut skill. Well, this sounds really funny and strange at the same time but, aside from that, this is actually a very useful Talent that will increase the reach of this already long-reaching skill even further. It is also amusing to suddenly hit unsuspecting enemies with an oversized sword, so I would rate this Talent as Medium-High Priority - and extremely fun to use.


Tier II Talent: Swiftness

Greatsword Cut cooldown will decrease by 2 seconds. Having a shorter cooldown is always nice, and this is a useful skill that can really shine in some situations, but the damage is lower than other Brutalizer skills. Medium Priority.


Greatsword Slam

Brutalizer will dash forward and swing his sword, dealing damage and knocking down enemies in his path. This skill has a small AoE, and because of that is ok-ish for taking out groups of enemies, but the damage is lower than any other Brutalizer skill. It does, however, have application as a chase down/escape skill, and can be used to avoid AoE attacks of some Bosses. It can also target an empty space and can be used to jump over some obstacles (in Honor Canyon for example). Overall a nice utility skill, but definitely not a damage dealing one.


Tier I Talent: Beautiful Slam

The range of a Greatsword Slam will increase by 20%. Not overly important, 20% is not that much but can be useful in some situations. Medium Priority Talent (more useful in PvP than in PvE).


Tier II Talent: Profound Vigor

Increases the damage of Greatsword Slam by 10%. As I already said, this skill deals the lowest damage out of all Brutalizer skills, an additional 10% won’t help at all, because of that, this is definitely a Low Priority Talent.


Greatsword Fury

Brutalizer will fire multiple disc-shaped projectiles from his greatsword, dealing damage to all enemies in a straight line. This is the only ranged skill that the Brutalizer has, and it is an absolute beast for clearing mobs. It is not that great vs bosses/players because of the fact that your character can’t move while this skill is active (for 3-4 seconds) and during that time they can move out of the range or close the distance and hit the Brutalizer with one of their own skills, possibly interrupting your Fury. Nevertheless, this skill has a very high damage potential and should be used quite often, especially vs parry broken bosses/players because they will be constantly staggered and unable to move or attack.


Tier I Talent: Winking Edge

Every time Greatsword’s Fury hits, the target will lose 1 point from the parry break pool. This sounds much better than it is in reality - 1 point is not that much at all. However, every little bit helps, and the sooner you break opponents parry the sooner you’ll be able to unleash your most devastating skills. Medium priority.


Tier II Talent: Rebuild

Greatsword Fury damage will increase by 10%. This skill already deals a lot of damage and 10% more is a significant increase. Medium - High Priority Talent.


Greatsword Rage - Ultimate

Brutalizer will spin around dealing damage to all enemies within 6m. It is possible to move while spinning, and because of that it is easier to hit with this ultimate than with the Battle Fury (axe Ultimate). On the other hand, Greatsword Rage will deal ~15% less damage. Because of that, Battle Fury is a more optimal choice. Greatsword Rage should be used in situations when the enemy is not close to having his parry break value depleted and your Rage meter is full, or in PvP where other players will often try to run away once you start casting your ultimate. All in all, a great skill that is easier to use than the Axe Ultimate.


Tier I Talent: Giant's Aura

Your weapon will increase in size, granting you longer range. Not a bad Talent to have, having more range means it will be even harder for players to run away, and that you can hit more of them at the same time. In PvE, this talent won’t be as useful. Medium - High Priority.


Tier II Talent: Defend

Brutalizer will become immune to all slow effects while Greatsword Rage is active. Great Talent for PvP if you plan to rely on Greatsword Ultimate, but I would rather go for parry break + Battle Fury. Anyway, if you chose to go primarily with Greatsword, this talent should have High Priority.