Wednesday, February 20

Staff Skills and Talents

Staff Skills - deal Ice damage:


Ice Hammer

MBE will unleash ice energy in two columns in front of him, dealing damage to all enemies caught within the AoE and also launching them in the air. Not bad damage for a Tier 1 skill, but not great either. This skill can be useful for clearing mobs, but not much more other than that.


Tier I Talent: World of Ice

This talent will increase the range of the Ice Hammer by 30%. Not a bad talent, but this shouldn’t be one of your “better” skills. Because of that – Low Priority Talent.


Tier II Talent: Winter's Touch

The damage of the skill will be increased by 10%. Well, 10% of the lowest damage dealing skill is definitely not great – Low Priority Talent.



MBE will teleport 6m away in the direction that you’re facing, and will then deal damage to all enemies within a 3m radius while also knocking them back a few meters. Very, very useful skill. It will be your main method of escaping and chasing down enemies, as well as avoiding some nasty Boss skills that can interrupt your own.


Tier I Talent: Sparkling Frost

After teleport, targets aren’t knocked back, instead, minions will be frozen for 2 seconds. I really can’t think of a situation in which this talent would be useful – Low Priority Talent.


Tier II Talent: Elemental Connection

Teleportation distance will be increased by 2m. This could be very useful in a lot of situations – you’ll often need that extra 2m to get out of the AoE or run away. High Priority Talent.


Ice Bolt

Creates a zone of ice in a 3m radius around the target that will pulse for a few seconds, dealing damage to all enemies within the AoE. After the spell expires, the target will be frozen for 3 seconds (freeze effect will be applied only to minions). This skill deals a solid amount of damage and can be effective vs groups of minions. When you cast the spell it will deal damage in a certain AoE, and it is possible to hit enemies with another skill while this one is still up and running.  However, it’s somewhat limited in PvP, because it is easy to move out of the AoE and the freeze will only affect minions, which is pretty much useless.


Tier I Talent: Icebound

Activating this talent will increase the duration of the spell, thus making it deal a bit more damage. The spell will also deal some extra damage upon expiring. Not a bad talent – Medium Priority.


Tier II Talent: Nimble Thinking

Ice Bolt casting time will be reduced by 30%. Ok talent, being able to cast a spell ~1 second faster can be really important. Medium Priority Talent.


Ice Dragon

Summons one Ice Dragon in front of the MBE that will deal a huge amount of damage – the amount of damage dealt will be affected by the distance from the target (the closer you are, the better). This spell has a very short casting time and should be used at close range, especially vs enemies whose parry break value won’t be depleted any time soon. Ice Dragon is one of the skills that can deal the highest amount of damage in Blade Reborn, so use it whenever you’re close to a Boss/player.


Tier I Talent: Dragon Bead

2 Dragons will be summoned instead of 1, and that will increase the spell width by 30% (damage remains unaffected). Solid Talent, if you have trouble hitting with this skill this Talent is an ok choice, but as I said before, Ice Dragon should be used at close range so – Medium Priority Talent.


Tier II Talent: Dragon's Reach

It will increase the range of the Ice Dragon by 10%. Again, more range on a close range skill is not very useful – Medium Priority Talent.