Blade Reborn Shadow Assassin

Blade Reborn: Assassin Basics

Assassin is just… Great! If flashy combat moves, massive dps, and superb agility are your thing, this is the class for you. Assassin uses two weapons: Twin Scythes on a chain as his main weapons and claw bracers as side weapons. Twin Scythes are my favorite, period. They have such a long reach that they are closer to a ranged than a melee weapon. Attacks with scythes will reach all the way to the edge of the screen and, because of that, it is possible to hit the targets while staying out of their reach. Besides that, these weapons also have huge AoE that hits everyone within range, enabling assassin to hit groups of enemies in one strike, and that makes clearing mobs a piece of cake. Indeed, minions will usually die before they are able to reach him, even if you're just using Auto-Attacks. Scythe ultimate (Sickle Cripple) will enable the assassin to deal a huge amount of damage, especially if the target’s parry has been broken.


Blade Reborn Assassin in Action

On the other hand, claw bracers are meant for close range combat, and with them, the assassin can make lightning fast attacks, that will cut to shreds any opponent. Claws ultimate (Phantom Dance) is really easy to use, will deal a high amount of damage (although not as much as Sickle Cripple) and is a good option vs both single target and multiple enemies, which makes it one of the most versatile skills in the game.


Assassin Scythe skills and talents

Scythe skills (wind damage) and Talents


Sickle Hook

Using this skill will deal damage to all enemies that are within a distance of 10m in front of you. I find it very useful for staying out of range in PvP, or to hit large groups of enemies in PvE. Anyway, the damage is lower than any other assassin skill and that makes it more of a utility skill than anything else.


Tier I Talent: Edge's Touch

When you activate this talent, every Sickle Hook attack will also drag enemies to your character. This can be very useful in  PvP modes like Blood War and Honor Canyon to pull in a single enemy and separate him from his allies. In the 1v1 PVP game mode if you deplete parry break value of the opponent he will usually try to run away and this skill can be used to prevent him from escaping. Medium Priority Talent.


Tier II Talent: Chain of Pain

This talent will increase the damage of a Sickle Hook by 10% - it will still have very low damage, so this talent should have Low priority.


Sickle Charge

Your character will leap forward 9m, dealing damage to anyone in his path. In PvE, this skill can be useful for escaping Boss AoE attacks, and also to quickly run through minions in dungeons, while dealing damage along the way. PvP is where this skill truly shines - it will be your main method of escape from a sticky situation, and it can also be used to chase down fleeing enemies. Overall, a very, very useful skill and I love it. It also deals a solid amount of damage.


Tier I Talent: Divine Edge

Slightly increases the range of the skill. Useful, especially for escaping, but I wouldn't consider it as absolutely necessary - Medium priority talent.


Tier II Talent: Skill and Ease

Reduces cooldown of the Sickle Charge skill by 2 seconds. Very useful talent, the sooner this skill is ready to be used again, the sooner you'll be able to chase down a fleeing enemy or run away if you're being attacked by multiple opponents. This talent should have a High priority, just after your main damage dealing talents – or even before some of them.

Blade Reborn Sickle Cyclone

Sickle Cyclone

The assassin will spin for a few seconds, dealing damage to all enemies in a small area around him, last attack will also launch all enemies caught in the AoE in the air, making them unable to act for a few seconds. You can move while this skill is active so it's very easy to hit or even chase down your target. The only downside is that it can be interrupted, and in that case it will deal only a portion of its maximum damage (it also has a much lower reach than other scythe skills). Sickle Cyclone is one of the most damaging assassin skills, with a fairly long cooldown, and because of that should be saved for bosses or some tougher enemies.

Blade Reborn Speedy Wheel

Tier I Talent: Speedy Wheel

Movement speed will increase by 30% while Sickle Cyclone is active. In PvE it could be used to clear groups of even tougher enemies while constantly moving forward at an increased speed, making it easier to beat the clock in the campaign. Also a very nice talent for PvP, primarily because it is now possible to chase down fleeing players while spinning (your character will be faster). Another way to use it would be to run away from pursuing players - if Sickle Charge is on cooldown. High Priority Talent.

Blade Reborn Rapid Edge

Tier II Talent: Rapid Edge

This Talent will reduce Sickle Cyclone cooldown by 2 seconds. I would say High priority Talent, especially if you plan to use this skill often - because of the very good damage potential, you probably should.

Blade Reborn Sickle Cripple

Sickle Cripple - Ultimate

The assassin will stand still and throw scythes forward, spinning them at the maximum range of chains. This skill will deal more damage than any other assassin skill (~10% more than the other ultimate) and will be your go-to Boss/player killer. However, there is one problem with it, it's fairly easy for enemies to move out of your range. The skill will be active for a few seconds and will deal continuous damage during that time period. To avoid "missing", hit only Bosses/Players whose parry break value has been depleted and it will work like a charm - you will continuously stagger them and rip them to pieces while they are unable to move - or take any other action.

Blade Reborn Edges Pulse

Tier I Talent: Edge's Touch

Now you can change the direction of your spinning scythes. Marginally useful, I already mentioned that this skill should be used vs parry broken opponents to get the most damage out of it. However, it is very useful for Auto Combat, because without it, your character can spend a lot of time attacking nothing but air.  Medium Priority Talent.

Blade Reborn Skybreaking Edge

Tier II Talent: Skybreaking Edge

The Sickle Cripple range will be increased by 10%. Well, it is always nice to have more range, but not crucial. As stated before, the best way to use this skill is vs one tough enemy. Medium Priority Talent.  

Male and Female Assassins with claw weapons

Assassin Claw skills and talents

Claw Skills (Wind damage) and Talents

Blade Reborn Dire Blade

Dire Blade

The assassin will charge and hit multiple targets within range, but won't hit any target multiple times. This skill has solid damage for a first skill, cool animation, and is ok for minion clearing.

Blade Reborn Phantom Tracer

Tier I Talent: Phantom Tracer

This talent will increase the number of attacks from 3 to 5, thus increasing the maximum number of targets for this skill. That sounds great, but there are better skills out there, because of that, this talent should have Medium to Low Priority (I gave it medium just because of the nice animation).

Blade Reborn No Way Out

Tier II Talent: No Way Out

The attack range of the Phantom Tracer will be increased by 15%. Low range to begin with, so 15% won't be a huge increase – Low Priority Talent.

Blade Reborn Blink Shadow

Blink Shadow

The assassin will charge in a straight line hitting all enemies in his path. Not great damage, but can be an ok backup for escaping AoE Boss skills - if the sickle charge is on cooldown. Blink Shadow can be a very useful skill to chase fleeing enemies in PvP, but is not as good for escaping because this skill has to target something in order to activate - you can't charge into empty space.

Blade Reborn Sudden Dash

Tier I Talent: Sudden Dash

Blink Shadow attack range is increased by 15%. Not bad, but not great either, this would be a good talent if this skill was viable as an escape option. Because of that - Medium Priority Talent.

Blade Reborn Sudden Flash

Tier II: Sudden Flash

Skill damage will be increased by 10%. While more damage is always nice, this skill will probably be your last as a damage dealing option, so this is a Low Priority Talent.

Blade Reborn Physical Attack

Physical Attack

Assassin throws 6 darts in a circle around him. This skill has quite high damage and is a very good option for taking out groups of enemies.

Blade Reborn Endurance

Tier I Talent: Endurance

Darts can now be recalled back. This means that darts will also deal damage on their way back to the assassin, so the most effective use vs a single target would be to stand right next to it. Also, almost all but the strongest minions should die in a single use of this skill. Overall, a very good talent that will double the damage output of this skill. All of that makes it a High Priority Talent.

Blade Reborn Heart of Persistence

Tier II Talent: Heart of Persistence

Reduces skill cooldown by 2 seconds. That's nice, and considering the great AoE damage that this skill now has (with Endurance Talent), I would rank it as a High-Medium priority Talent.

Blade Reborn Phantom Dance

Phantom Dance - Ultimate

The assassin will hit all enemies within a 6m radius multiple times, and then jump in the middle of the area dealing massive damage and launching everyone caught in the AoE into the air - making them unable to act for a few seconds. This skill has the highest AoE damage, and should be your go-to skill if you're attacked by two or more players - hit them with this before escaping. Also, in PvE, if Boss parry isn't close to breaking, it is better to hit him with this ultimate than to wait for parry break and Sickle Cripple.

Blade Reborn Abyssal Territory

Tier I Talent: Abyssal Territory

Attack area will be increased by 15% upon activating this Talent. Good, very good, considering the high damage of this skill this could be a very useful upgrade, but not a crucial one. Medium-High Priority Talent.

Blade Reborn Heavy Claw

Tier II Talent Heavy Claw

Target will get the Heavily Wounded debuff and won't be able to heal for 5 seconds. This is not very useful because there are not many healing options. You can actively heal in dungeons using potions and there is also a siphon attribute that will heal you each time you hit an enemy, but the amount healed is very low. Medium - Low Priority Talent.