Tuesday, February 19

Assassin Basics

Blade Reborn: Assassin Basics

Assassin is just… Great! If flashy combat moves, massive dps, and superb agility are your thing, this is the class for you. Assassin uses two weapons: Twin Scythes on a chain as his main weapons and claw bracers as side weapons. Twin Scythes are my favorite, period. They have such a long reach that they are closer to a ranged than a melee weapon. Attacks with scythes will reach all the way to the edge of the screen and, because of that, it is possible to hit the targets while staying out of their reach. Besides that, these weapons also have huge AoE that hits everyone within range, enabling assassin to hit groups of enemies in one strike, and that makes clearing mobs a piece of cake. Indeed, minions will usually die before they are able to reach him, even if you're just using Auto-Attacks. Scythe ultimate (Sickle Cripple) will enable the assassin to deal a huge amount of damage, especially if the target’s parry has been broken.


Blade Reborn Assassin in Action

On the other hand, claw bracers are meant for close range combat, and with them, the assassin can make lightning fast attacks, that will cut to shreds any opponent. Claws ultimate (Phantom Dance) is really easy to use, will deal a high amount of damage (although not as much as Sickle Cripple) and is a good option vs both single target and multiple enemies, which makes it one of the most versatile skills in the game.