Tuesday, February 19

Claw Skills and Talents


Claw Skills - Deal Wind damage:


Dire Blade

The assassin will charge and hit multiple targets within range, but won't hit any target multiple times. This skill has solid damage for a first skill, cool animation, and is ok for minion clearing.


Tier I Talent: Phantom Tracer

This talent will increase the number of attacks from 3 to 5, thus increasing the maximum number of targets for this skill. That sounds great, but there are better skills out there, because of that, this talent should have Medium to Low Priority (I gave it medium just because of the nice animation).


Tier II Talent: No Way Out

The attack range of the Phantom Tracer will be increased by 15%. Low range to begin with, so 15% won't be a huge increase – Low Priority Talent.


Blink Shadow

The assassin will charge in a straight line hitting all enemies in his path. Not great damage, but can be an ok backup for escaping AoE Boss skills - if the sickle charge is on cooldown. Blink Shadow can be a very useful skill to chase fleeing enemies in PvP, but is not as good for escaping because this skill has to target something in order to activate - you can't charge into empty space.


Tier I Talent: Sudden Dash

Blink Shadow attack range is increased by 15%. Not bad, but not great either, this would be a good talent if this skill was viable as an escape option. Because of that - Medium Priority Talent.


Tier II: Sudden Flash

Skill damage will be increased by 10%. While more damage is always nice, this skill will probably be your last as a damage dealing option, so this is a Low Priority Talent.


Physical Attack

Assassin throws 6 darts in a circle around him. This skill has quite high damage and is a very good option for taking out groups of enemies.


Tier I Talent: Endurance

Darts can now be recalled back. This means that darts will also deal damage on their way back to the assassin, so the most effective use vs a single target would be to stand right next to it. Also, almost all but the strongest minions should die in a single use of this skill. Overall, a very good talent that will double the damage output of this skill. All of that makes it a High Priority Talent.


Tier II Talent: Heart of Persistence

Reduces skill cooldown by 2 seconds. That's nice, and considering the great AoE damage that this skill now has (with Endurance Talent), I would rank it as a High-Medium priority Talent.


Phantom Dance - Ultimate

The assassin will hit all enemies within a 6m radius multiple times, and then jump in the middle of the area dealing massive damage and launching everyone caught in the AoE into the air - making them unable to act for a few seconds. This skill has the highest AoE damage, and should be your go-to skill if you're attacked by two or more players - hit them with this before escaping. Also, in PvE, if Boss parry isn't close to breaking, it is better to hit him with this ultimate than to wait for parry break and Sickle Cripple.


Tier I Talent: Abyssal Territory

Attack area will be increased by 15% upon activating this Talent. Good, very good, considering the high damage of this skill this could be a very useful upgrade, but not a crucial one. Medium-High Priority Talent.


Tier II Talent Heavy Claw

Target will get the Heavily Wounded debuff and won't be able to heal for 5 seconds. This is not very useful because there are not many healing options. You can actively heal in dungeons using potions and there is also a siphon attribute that will heal you each time you hit an enemy, but the amount healed is very low. Medium - Low Priority Talent.