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Pets will enhance attributes of your character and they are divided into 3 types: Strength, Agility, and Magic. Type of a pet affects his primary attributes. From what I've learned so far it works like this:

-Strength Pets: Higher defense and resistance, at the cost of a bit lower attack

-Agility Pets: Higher Attack, a bit lower defense, and low elemental resist

-Magic Pets: Middle ground between Strength and Agility pets

Attribute Bonuses

Pets provide bonuses to:



-Elemental Attack


-Elemental Resistances


Your first pet will be a Butterfly Fairymost likelythat you’ll gain as a reward for completion of chapter 5.  After you’ve got your first pet, you can unlock additional pets by collecting enough pet shards of the same type and then synthesizing them. Pet shards are also needed to Tier up a Pet and Temper Pet Talents, but we’ll get back to that later. Different Tiers of Pets will require a different amount of appropriate shards to synthesize a pet:

-Purple Tier Pets: 10 Shards (Butterfly Fairy)

-Yellow Tier Pets: 15 Shards (Cat Bomb, Thunder Dragon)

-Orange Tier Pets: 20 Shards (Mechanical Owl, Soul Wolf, Demon Guard, Poison Scorpion)


Pets will occasionally spawn in the wild, and you can try to capture one. When you find the pet, get near it (enter the circle that is around the pet) and the option to attempt to capture it should pop up. After taping the Pet bar, in the upper right corner, just below the Pet option, there is a capture option. Taping capture will open up a teleport option that will automatically place you in a pet circle, also here you can see refresh (respawn) time for all pets.  Now, capturing it will require a pet collar, and there are 2 types of those:

Blade Reborn Items

Blue Collar 3% Capture Chance

Blade Reborn Items

Red Collar: 6% Capture Chance





There is one more item that can increase your capture chance, and that is:

Blade Reborn Items

Spirit Reining Stone

Each time you try to capture a pet, one collar will be consumed form the inventory. Using a spirit reining stone will increase friendship, and that will, in turn, increase the capture chance by 0.5% (using multiple stones stacks – you could use 10 stones to increase capture chance by 5%). My advice would be to use up all stones before a capture attempt, in order to maximize your chance of success. Even with that, the success rate will be quite low, so be patient and keep trying until you succeed. When you finally do manage to capture it, a pet treasure chest (containing 10 pet shards) will be awarded. These shards can be used to synthesize a pet or Tier up a pet.

Blade Reborn Items

Pet Treasure Chest

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not synthesize a pet if you already own that one or shards will be permanently lost. For example: If you already own a Demon Guard and collect 20 shards, synthesizing new pet won’t accomplish anything (you can only have 1 Demon Guard).

Equipping a pet:

There are 2 slots on the right side, representing your 2 Pet Slots, each one of them is bound to one of your weapons. Drag and drop a pet into one of these slots to equip it. The point is that you can have 2 pets equipped at any time, and you can use Pet Skills (Rare Skills) in battle when your character is holding a weapon to which a Pet is assigned to.

Leveling a Pet:

You can level up your pet by feeding it. Each pet will require a different type of food, and the higher Pet levels will require progressively higher amounts of food. Every time your pet level increases, so will the attribute bonuses that it provides. Leveling up your pet is also important because in order to Tier up a pet for the first time it has to reach level 5. Below is the list of Pets and food that each one of them requires.


Level 1-6: 1 Food

Level 7-10: 3 Food

Level 11-X: 6 Food

The most common way to acquire pet food is by fighting in a Blood War and looting chests in Dungeons, that way you can acquire Pet Fruit Treasure. When you open it, a random pet food will be added to your inventory.

Blade Reborn Items

Pet Food Treasure Chest