Blitz Brigade


Whenever people talk about Gameloft, it turns into a discussion about their tendency to make games that are blatantly and obviously inspired by others. While originality is a pretty important element of a game, it’s less important than entertainment value. This is the case with Blitz Brigade, Gameloft’s multiplayer shooter that looks upon a certain Valve team-based game. Truth, Blitz Brigade won’t win any prize for innovation, but it works well enough to overcome its lack of originality with the fun factor.

If you ever played Team Fortress 2, you’ll know what to expect with Blitz Brigade. There are toon-style visuals, player classes, and team-oriented play. Not to much surprise, Blitz Brigade is multiplayer only, and players are matched up into games with a maximum of 6 v 6. There are 7 playable classes for both the Allies and the Axis. They are designed to have specific advantages in certain situations. Every faction has his own character for a class, which makes a total of 14 characters.

The Soldier sets the standard. He has 750 health, sprints at a brisk pace, and captures flags quicker than any other class. The Gunner is a very slow class with an extra amount of health.

The Medic, unlocked at level 5 or after paying 30 diamonds, is extremely fast and has many weapons capable of healing allies. The Stealth, unlocked at level 20 or after paying 75 diamonds, has the lowest health without maxed skills, but he can turn invisible with his Stealth Mode and handles silent primary weapons. The Sniper, unlocked at level 30 or after paying 110 diamonds, is great at long range, but not as adept in close combat. He doesn’t run particularly fast or has a lot of health, but the sniper rifles deal great damage. The Demolisher, unlocked at Level 40 or after paying 160 diamonds, is an all explosive class with high health, released in update 9. He has medium speed and deals high damage. He also has a unique rocket jump ability, Super Jump, which he can use to move around quickly across the battlefield.

Finally, the Engineer, released in update 16, is not a very powerful class, but she can deal lots of damage with her turrets. She has a variety of unique weapons. This class is only obtainable by winning 700 matches or through real money purchase.

Despite a lot of similarities, Blitz Brigade also has some differences from its inspiration. For example, there’s a standard dual-currency system which is used to upgrade weapons. You earn the coins during normal play and use them for purchasing weapons and single-use power-ups. But there are diamonds, that are earned through in-app purchases, and players use them to buy diamond-only gear, fast-track weapon upgrades, and special appearance items.

Not surprising, diamond-bought weapons are a bit more powerful than their coin counterparts, so it’s relatively easy for a newcomer to buy their way into the power position. This might sound unfair, but overall makes for much less issues than expected. Hitting objectives, sneaking up on players, and sniping with a steady hand still goes a long way, even without diamond-only items.

While Blitz Brigade offers an enjoyable experience in team-based FPS gameplay, the overall experience is still clouded by freemium add-ons that add unnecessary annoyances.

Sadly, in the current mobile market, this is the usual thing rather than the exception.  If you’re looking for a multiplayer oriented FPS with considerable player base and community support, by all means, check out what Blitz Brigade has to offer. Just keep in mind that this isn’t your PC F2P shooter.

7.7 Good
  • Atmosphere 7
  • Graphics 8
  • Gameplay 8
  • User Ratings (2 Votes) 6.1