Saturday, February 23



Ninja Kiwi are back with more balloons (or Bloons, if you ask them), more ninja monkeys trying to destroy them and generally more madness (sometimes the screen is so full of explosions and things shooting at the said balloons that you can’t even see what’s going on – and the crowd loves it, apparently). If you like the Tower Defense genre, than you have most certainly come across at least one of the Bloons titles. And while I, personally, didn’t find the first one enchanting enough and preferred Plants vs Zombies, Kingdom Rush or Anomaly 2, Bloons have come a long way, and are very fun TD games (especially the previous installment, Bloons TD 5).

If you don’t know who Ninja Kiwi are, I’ll talk about them shortly (hey, I always talk about the developer a bit – you should know the rep of the person designing a game that you are buying/playing). The developers are from New Zealand, originally a small studio founded by two brothers. Now, after more than 60 games made, they are a small company of 35 and their games are only getting better and more infectious to play. Bloons and Bloons TD are their best titles (and the most popular ones as well). Bloons TD 5, which I previously mentioned, was nominated for the “Best Strategy Game” and “Best Cross-Platform Game” at the Flash gaming Summit back in 2013.

In Bloons TD, monkeys serve as towers, among a few regular towers and cannons of course. These monkeys throw ninja stars, blow darts, throw mortar, and shoot sniper rifles at the balloons to prevent them from reaching their balloon paradise (hey, I don’t know where they are going, but it has to be someplace nice, right?).  There are many types of balloons and there are also many types of monkeys. Some ‘towers’ are good for certain types of balloons, but bad against the other; you know, your usual tower defense shtick. You should plan your monkeys carefully and watch the color of the balloons so that you can be better prepared. These towers are not the only way to stop the crazy balloons from floating away though. You can setup traps, such as road spikes, or plant exploding pineapples to stop the deviant bloons.

In this latest installment, there are quite a lot of changes, so let’s go over them. This is the first time Bloons game has used a 3d graphics, and the change is super visible. There are twenty new maps, nineteen different monkeys (each with a few upgrade paths to choose from, like in the last game), several new deluxe towers and mobile towers, and hero monkey towers which have different abilities. The game will be graced with, of course, some new bloons – one of them named B.A.D., which I can’t wait to see in action. Let us not forget lots of play modes, old and new. Double Health MOABs sound like something I don’t even want to try, but Restricted Monkeys sounds like a challenge! This might be very important to some – the game can be played offline, in single player mode.

So, are we looking at one of the best TD games on mobile or what? I can’t wait to play more and find out! The game is available for $4.99, and there are additional in-game purchases, though optional, of course.