AoV HERO, Liliana, the Elegant is both a melee and ranged mage with an incredibly wide array of abilities. Since the hero has two forms, the Human Form and the Fox Form, all of her abilities including the ultimate have two versions, for both forms respectively.  The spotlight is an in-depth look at the hero and her abilities, so let’s have a go.

Liliana’s normal attacks are enhanced, both in Fox Form and the Human Form, when her abilities in Human Form Hit enemies. Her strongest abilities, like Reiki Shot, are best combined with a crowd control effect, for it requires time to reach the target.
Her primary statistics look like this:


Fox Form (Passive): Armor and magic defense are both increased by 20 (+5 per level) and movement speed is increased by 30. Normal attacks deal magic damage and you can turn back in to the Human Form at any time.


Foxtrot (Fox Form 1st Ability): Liliana attacks with her tail, and dealing magic damage, which enhances her next normal attack which also deals magic damage in the next 3 times she attacks. She also dashes forward.
This ability is replaced by Shining Light in Human Form

Shining Light (1st Ability in Human Form): Liliana focuses and deals magic damage to enemies in the target area. If the ability hits 2 or more enemy heroes, then normal attacks are enhanced and deal additional magic damage equal to 5% (+1% for every 120 ability power) of the target’s maximum HP for the next 4 seconds. This ability is replaced by Foxtrot when in Fox Form.

Leap of the Fox (2nd Ability in her Fox Form): Liliana leaps in the targeted direction and deals magic damage to every enemy along the path. This ability turns into Reiki Shot and is usable immediately if you have hit at least one hero. Reiki Shot is targeted at an enemy hero and deals magic aoe damage to both the target and nearby enemies. This is replaced by Blinding Light when in Human Form.

Blinding Light (2nd Ability in her Human Form): Liliana fires a Reiki Shots at the targeted enemy hero and deals magic aoe damage to both the hero and enemies around him.

Unpredictable (Ultimate in Fox Form): Liliana teleports to the target location and transforms in her Human Form. This leaves circles of magic on both locations behind, the originating and upon arrival, and reduces enemy movement speed inside by 50%. Those two magic circles explode after 1 second and deal magic aoe damage. Liliana cannot be targeted during the teleport, and she gains ability power increase for the next 2.5 seconds, after arriving in Human Form.

Unpredictible (Ultimate in her Human Form): Liliana dashes in the targeted direction and enters Fox Form, dealing magic damage along the way to enemies and slowing them for 50% for 2 seconds. She cannot be targeted during the dash and she gains 120 armor and magic defense, and also gains an ability power increase for the next 2.5 seconds, after entering Fox Form.

Liliana, the Elegant

Liliana traveled all corners of the World for thousands of years. In her wanderings, she learned as much as she could from all the different creatures she encountered, and even learned to become them. She started gaining interest in humans once she saw the human race was also in search of knowledge. Absorbing wisdom where she could, she sometimes reveled some tips and tricks to the humans she was in contact with. But, after she came back from one of her wanderings, to again visit the human race, she saw the development of gun powder and warfare and has since had a very different opinion about humans.

She wanted to be a part of it also, and joined the Empirical Army, serving as a Communications Officer, who collected intelligence. With this role, she was able to achieve everything she wanted, but also gained a few enemies along the way, and also manipulating many of these humans to do her biding.

“That’ll just count as part of my tuition!”