Bombastic Brothers - Top Squad Review

Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad Review

Bombastic Brothers Android and iOS is a video game that is largely reminiscent of the old school 2D side-scrolling shooters. If you loved Metal Slug series, Mega Man franchise, or even Earth Worm Jim, this 2D action shooting game will take you back for a fun ride. In fact, it will even take you beyond, for it brings everything you ever loved about this kind of action, improves it, and showers you with awesomeness.

Development and reception

The cool thing about this title is that it attracts an active audience of likeminded gamers, and so far their community is strong, especially on Facebook. This game is developed by Fast Forward Studio, stationed in Quebec, Canada. On Google Play, Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad Android scored an impressive 4.6-star rating out of nearly 30,000 votes. On iTunes App Store, iOS version was released even earlier and it also sits on safe 4.6 stars. The game is thus far available for iPhone, Ipad, iPod Touch and Android Smartphones. It is published by My COM as a Free-To-Play gaming app.

The head of the Fast Forward Studio, Ivan Fedyanin, presented this title with this message:

“With Bombastic Brothers, we want to pioneer a resurgence of the run ‘n gun genre on mobile and preserve its classic arcade-style gameplay while bringing something new to the table. Though the retro, ‘80s-inspired, 2D action is the heart of the game, we’ve also ramped up the speed of battles and added a wealth of modes, features and content, including worldwide PvP battles, base building, and the opportunity to upgrade heroes. Bombastic Brothers belongs to a classic genre reborn in 2019, and we hope veteran gamers and new players alike will love it as much as we do!” – Ivan Fedyanin


A semi-legal military squad dubbed “Bombastic Brothers” is off duty vacationing, as an alien invasion hits the planet. Our hero, Jeff, sleeps through the bombardment, but once they take his dog, Princess, it’s time to bring out the guns John Wick style. However, The dog has even more value since right before it was kidnapped by alien Nano-bots, it swallowed a gloving Neutron Orb. Your commander ‘n’ chief asks for the orb for it is instrumental in fighting off the invasion, so the fate of the world becomes dependant on the Princess’ digestive system. That and the firepower the Bombastic Brothers possess, as they bring on the pain.


As in any other 2D side-scrolling shooter, in this game you run around with your character, shoot at things and dodge enemy fire. All of the necessary controls have been placed on the screen, like moving, jumping, firing, grenade toss, and rocket launch. In later stages, you even get to ride an aircraft in an old school space shooting arcade style. They even included the Double Jump ability, so it will really feel like you are back on an Arcade machine.

However, the first problem some people complain about is aiming. Unlike old school games, where the player-controlled character would just shoot in whichever direction you point the guns, here your character automatically locks on the nearest target. This is sometimes good, but often causes complications and interferes with gameplay significantly, since your fire is blocked by any obstacle or platform. However, if you have a Joypad controller for your Smartphone, it will make everything that much cooler.

Regarding some innovations Fast Forward Studio included, there is a number of different modes in this game, besides the classic campaign mode. There are several challenges and daily missions you can play for resources and exp, you can level your characters, add new gear, and participate in PvP battles. PvP mode includes two teams of 3 soldiers that fight in the idle-style setting, with the winner being the one who has better stats. Not that exciting actually but it is there to farm gear and other stuff.


Bombastic Brothers matches old school arcades in almost everything, except its visual style. Instead of going for the pixel art, as one might expect, this game looks quite new and fresh. Its models and textures look like new age games, so gameplay is actually a throwback, while the appearance is top notch. This is perhaps better than doing the opposite, but to each its own. Graphics are kind of cartoonish and even silly, which supports the game’s overall comical subtext.

Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad



Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad is a genuine throwback to old school 2D shooting action Arcade games, with improvements in visuals and game modes. Fast Forward Studio did not fix what isn’t broken, and instead they tried to expand on the genre and have succeeded largely. The game will certainly get the blood pumping as you will need to get them fingers back in shape. It scored overly positive reviews on all platforms, so feel free to join in on the extravaganza.

User Rating: 3.9 ( 1 votes)