Bonds of the Skies for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

Japanese video game publisher Kemco announced today that their RPG game Bonds of the Skies has arrived to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. The PlayStation version is available starting from today on the North American PlayStation Store, while Switch users will be able to get their copy via Nintendo eShop from March 7.

Bonds of the Skies has been available for a while now for iOS and Android users and received fairly positive reviews. The story takes place in the fantasy world of Dragonika where the players take on the role of Eil. He was almost killed during his coming-of-age ceremony when a demon attacked his town. However, Dragonika and Eil are saved by Lord Nosgard, a god known as Air Grimoa to the people who long forgotten their Grimoas due to the changing times. But Eil also discovered that he can see these gods which are a unique ability on its own. Since he has this special ability, Eil forms a bond with Lord Nogard and embarks to search the world for other Grimoas and people who can see them. But first, he needs to find the demon who attacked Dragonika.

Bonds Of The Skies

The game is a classic RPG which many fans will appreciate in abundance. It uses the turn-based mechanics for battles and you will easily keep up with the numerous skills the character shares through their bond with Grimoas. Namely, along the way, the players will meet other Grimoas and so Eil and his company can befriend them and gain more powers. The animation may be pixelated, but it all gives the game that retro vibe which seems to be so popular right now, especially when the classical genres are involved. After all, Kemco is famous for the RPG games and it also offers a unique RPG experience this time as well.

Besides already being available for iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows, we finally get PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions. When it comes to price, PlayStation 4 costs $14.99 or $13.49 for PS Plus members and the same applies for PS Vita users. Standard prices on Nintendo Switch is $12.99 and during the pre-purchase period, users will also get 10% off. And as a reminder, the pre-purchase ends on March 7 when the game will be out for Nintendo Switch device.