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Boombirds – simple but addictively fun game available for Android

Modern games are full of intense action, amazing graphics, complex story, and breath-taking explosion effects that would even put Michael Bay to shame. Year after year, the developers are trying to surpass the competition by creating shinier, more complex, and better-looking games. However, there are some of the gamers that nostalgically remember the times when video games were very simple, both visually and mechanically, but at the same time, they offered countless hours of fun and entertainment to players. Gamers back then didn’t mind the pixelated graphics nor did they complain about limitations of their gaming systems at the time. There are still a lot of people around the world that enjoy playing that kind of games even today. Thankfully, every now and then, an old-school game emerges offering them exactly that – simple, yet addictively fun gaming experience. One such game is Boombirds.

Boombirds was created by Qaseal Games, an indie game developer looking to please the gaming audience longing for the simplicity and fun that the old-school games had to offer. The game features pixelated graphics and very simple design. You play as an archer and your goal is to shoot various birds flying around and to avoid the bombs – simple, right? While it may seem simple at first, it is far from boring. You’ll be able to compete with your friends and compare your scores on the leaderboard.

The gameplay is fairly smooth and responsive, which will greatly contribute to the overall atmosphere. Also, the music in the game is pretty catchy, which will make you want to play even more. All things considered, Boombirds offers an authentic, old-school gaming experience that many of the gamers will embrace without a doubt.