Borderlands 3 Review

Borderlands 3 Review

Borderlands 3 release date was on September 13 and in just few days time the title was heavily featured throughout the web. Some have praised the game greatly, some have expressed their unmet expectations, but overall judging by the last few days since its out, this game is opted to be the most popular out of all three series’ entries. The series began with the first installation that came out in 2009, which was loosely followed by the sequel 3 years later, and now, 10 years after the first and six after the second, the third eagerly awaited entry is here.

Development and reception

As mentioned, the past several days since its release, the game has been getting mixed reviews. Mixed as in some people, especially old fans, love it and some say that they’ve expected a more innovative version of the game. However, the games developer, Gearbox, has made this game in coalition with 2K Australia and Telltale Games, and they all seem to have agreed on one thing – you don’t fix what isn’t broken.

In terms of platforms, Borderlands 3 systems featured include PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360, OS X, PlayStation Vita, iOS, Android, Linux, PS4, and of course Google Stadia. The game obviously has quite a wide reach and there’s logic to it. Through the past decade, the fans of the original Borderlands 1 & 2 have transitioned onto other platforms, while PC gaming was dominant back in ‘00s of course. Now, the development team obviously wanted to honor its old school fans and reach them on as much platforms as possible and this is also the logic behind the game design, which is, as mentioned, faithful to the original.

The story (SPOILER FREE)

As before, this is not just a simple linear FPS and the game features quite a driven narrative, with Borderlands 3 characters being as colorful as ever. Not to spoil anything, this game is still a Social MMO experience and it is seamless how it integrates its story with its gameplay and multiplayer gameplay. The initial plot is still a part of the ongoing overarching story that engulfs the entire franchise.

The stage is set on Pandora, a planet well-known to hardcore fans, and it is among other things known for rumored treasure and tech hidden vaults which various dirty companies were after before. This is still the case, as the Vault Hunters (the player controlled characters) are still roaming the land. This game begins some time after the death of Handsome Jack, seen in Borderlands 2, which was followed by the Hyperion corp fall from the succeeding expansion set content Tales from the Borderlands. However, this time, numerous other vaults on other planets are discovered and this naturally causes new cults of personality and bandit factions to spring up, while it also attracts old notorious ones like Children of the Vault. The player comes in as a new recruit to help fight off COV.


As a first-person shooter faithful to its predecessors, this game looks quite familiar at first glance. However, Gearbox has made numerous improvements, visual and otherwise. They did not, we repeat, did not mess with the core gameplay and this is still the epic game everyone loves. But, the game runs noticeably faster and smoother and the guns firing animations are extremely impressive. And, when we talk about the guns, this is where the real improvement and innovation comes.

Borderlands is a franchise famous for its weird, sci-fi, out of this world, or out of any world guns, and this third edition of the series has built its entire new world on that. To illustrate just a bit what we mean by that, players of the franchise know that what gives the game so many weapon choices is the seamless ability to customize and randomize the weaponry into any direction thought of by a man so far. For this, the previous two games have had reportedly around 700 to 1000 weapons variants each. However, the developer said that Borderlands 3 weapons and guns come in ‘over one billion variants’. Obviously, the number is not intended as a literal statement, but the depth of customization truly makes the possibilities infinite.


As mentioned, the overall graphics are improved noticeably. This does affect the gameplay in FPS games, such as this, greatly as visual cues are of the utmost importance. The animations and the game itself runs a little faster, everything is smoother and clearer. The gun animations and effects are much clearer to read and understand, which is the most important part, in an intuitive environment such as this, visual cues are all you get actually. Also, other mechanics like dashing, jumping, and movement in general look and feel a lot more precise and improved.


The mixing of the reviews about this game is actually all a bit misunderstanding. Most of the negative feedback quotes the game’s lack of innovation, saying that it is just another FPS. Well, Borderlands is FPS, that can’t and won’t be changed, and the game has a unique splendor of colorful character, cool guns, and a ‘90s Sci-fi action storyline…so, why wouldn’t it keep its original flair?! Borderlands 3 is a perfect continuation of the past two games. It doesn’t mess with the things that don’t need fixing, it adds where it is supposed to add, it improves the access to the game in terms of visuals, it has all new kick-ass soundtrack, and it brings an infinite number of ways to blast your foes. What more could a gamer possibly want?!

Borderlands 3



Borderlands 3 is a perfect continuation of the past two games.

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