Borderlands 3 Demo

Borderlands Demo – First Impressions

After Borderlands 2 delighted the fans in 2012, seven full years later Borderlands 3 demo gameplay dropped down on the community like a nuclear explosion, and the fans don’t mind at all. Coming back with its signature humor, incredibly fun action, and perfectly solved gameplay mechanics, Borderlands 3 is Borderlands 2 made better, that’s it.

This is the best solution to the recent hype for this now long-awaited title. Borderlands 3 release date is for 13 September 2019 and it is known it will come on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. This hands-on preview has proven Gearbox knows what it’s doing and that previous titles were no mere accident.

Butchering, shooting, fancy moves, and effortless coolness is again included in this third installation of the epic saga. The next stuff obviously includes improved visuals. The landscape, for instance, looks incredibly better than before. Also, Gearbox seems to be bringing us even more guns than before, in this looter shooter.

Everyone who has tried the demo so far agrees that Borderlands 3 is a better assembly of Borderlands 2. More orderly, more accurate and to the point, which means more organized chaos, if that is possible. The screen navigation and the gameplay itself are incredibly smooth.

This Borderlands 3 demo only goes to show Gearbox has understood and identified all the potential problems it previously couldn’t solve. It was seven years ago, after all. Of course, the cartoonish and fun atmosphere is intact, because you don’t fix what isn’t broken. Borderlands 3 comes in September and we can’t wait to play it.