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Bowser becomes president of Nintendo America

In the most unlikely turn of events, a man with the last name Bowser became the new president of Nintendo America. Of course, every single gaming journalist in the world is now flipping out of joy because they suddenly have the inspiration for some of the most creative article titles ever.  

After 13 years as a head of Nintendo America, Reggie Fils-Aime steps down from the position in April and senior vice president of NOA, Doug Bowser is appointed as his successor. Reggie Fils-Aime joined Nintendo in 2003 and 3 years later he became president and COO of Nintendo. During his mandate, he became an iconic and lovable figure in the gaming business. Doug Bowser drawing Nintendo in May of 2015 as vice president of sales, and in a year he got promoted to senior vice president of sales and marketing. During that time Nintendo Switch was the fastest selling video game system. Reggie can retire knowing that he fulfilled his mission, and Bowser can continue a period that can only be described as Nintendo renaissance.

nintendo bowser

Of course, the entire Internet went crazy over this news. Google image searches for Bowser went up for 10000 percent or the last 18 hours, the news portals are literally competing which one will make something more creative referring the original news, and Bowser pictures have overflown social media harder than Bowsette last summer.

We wholeheartedly wish Reggie a happy retirement and a lot of quality time with his family and friends. Meanwhile, let’s wait for April and the official change at top of Nintendo of America, so we can witness another flood of Bowser-based jokes in headlines.