Brave Conquest Review

Brave Conquest Review

Brave Conquest mobile game was released about a month ago and it’s still not too late to give up all your free time. Are you finding yourself playing fewer video games than before? You’ve just managed to quit playing a game you were addicted to for a whole year? Well, don’t sweat! Brave Conquest mobile strategy is the next big thing in the never-ending chase of the genre and it looks like it is the peak of that peculiar concept, so the hook is real.

Development and reception

All jokes aside, this title is very addictive and competitive, but it is also a casual strategy mobile game, which balances it out just right. Attractive gameplay is first and foremost achieved by making this game very comprehensive while at the same time being quite vast. The content is huge, with a wide array of units, heroes, modes, options, and stuff to do. It was beautifully balanced, developed, and published by IGG.COM (I Got Games) studio. They are quite the renowned development studio with award-winning titles like Castle Clash, Lords Mobile: Battle Royale, Mobile Royale, and others.

On Google Play, Brave Conquest Android scored a fantastic 4.5-star rating from nearly 20k votes as of August 2019. On the iTunes App Store, IGG.COM struck even higher with 4.7 stars from around 2k ratings so far. The game is free-to-play on both stores, with in-game purchases included of course. With these kinds of competitive strategy game, the ultimate question is – are they pay-to-win, and we shall strive to give the answer below. 


A sudden war engulfs an otherwise peaceful continent. All kinds of creatures and monsters have been awakened and are roaming the country. Heroes and armies rise from all sides to defend it and that’s where you come in. That’s it, plain and simple. This kind of setup is per usual in these strategy games. The story is not that much evolved beyond that. You are a lord that is evolving his kingdom and fighting off the oppression of the enemy. Both sides have their Heroes of Justice and Evil.


This game can be easily compared to IGG’s previous online strategy hit Mobile Royale, in terms that it focuses on your lair evolution. Here, there is no world map, at least not in the sense old mobile strategy games like Game of War had. Things have changed quite a bit and for the better. For one thing, there are no army marches and teleports or stuff like that. You just explore the land, dispel the fog of war, and visit various places with your army and heroes.

Heroes and Army

This game has a never-before-seen number of heroes, with 16 unlockable at the beginning and even more in later stages of the game. Also, there is a wide variety of troops in your starting faction, while you can also evolve to employ other races and their services. Now, there is only one faction playable, which could be a drawback. This is not a game where you choose an army, all will start with the same units, but later on, you can expand to try out new stuff.

Both the Heroes and units can be upgraded, as well as virtually everything else that exists in this game, including combat spells. Each player can take multiple heroes and units into battle, by unlocking more slots later on of course, and can use a set of spells once per combat. These spells vary from damage, cc, heal and can be upgraded in a special building, which can also be upgraded. However, besides being upgraded, Heroes can also evolve, which is notoriously difficult to do but it expands their skill set.

Combat and Conquest

As your kingdom expands, you conquer more land around, which is where you get to explore a bit, but enemies will always find a way into your borders so new conflicts and battles will be available within at all times. Also, there is a War College and an Arena to provide more stimulation. War College takes the player through an endless series of increasingly difficult stages, each teaching you a particular strategy method, and by gathering enough stars, you qualify for a reward. Arenas are similar, in terms that they offer increasingly difficult randomized challenges against other players and full army compositions that let you experience other races and classes. It functions based on timed events which all yield rewards based on how well you did during the respective competition period.

Lastly, full-on multiplayer combat is also available by going on expeditions. Again, there is no army march time, you simply search for a player’s kingdom and invade. You need to defeat their automated defenses organized at the keep and to the victor go the spoils! However, this method does have an energy limitation.

Resources and Lair Growth

As far as resources, building, researching, and evolution go, this game is similar to others of the same genre, but with never-before-seen different buildings, resources, and whatnot. There are more buildings, types of resources, expansion methods, and stuff to do here than it could be counted in a single review. And if that’s not enough, you can also farm provisions needed for sea expeditions.

Graphics and appearance

Brave Conquest is one of the most beautiful mobile games today. Everything about this game is high-end – models, graphics, resolution capability, textures, art, and everything you see. As a drawback, it will warm up your Smartphone quite a bit during prolonged sessions, and trust us – there will be prolonged gaming sessions here. Also, some large battles may cause a drop in framerate even on current flagship Smartphones. However, the crystal clear visual style of this game makes it that much more comprehensive and enjoyable.

Brave Conquest



Brave Conquest mobile is perhaps the next big thing, or perhaps just a cool casual strategy game that’s fun to play. Its vast array of mechanics and things offered to the player make it highly rewarding, engaging, and never boring. This also makes up for many ways in which the player can find what to do in-game, as opposed to similar strategy games in which you reach a certain point where there is nothing left to do but pay for more energy with real money. In this respect, Brave Conquest is absolutely FTP. As far as its competitive side goes, again you can always find a player that matches your strength and have fun. There is pillage in the game, but victory awards and exp are also an incentive, which is incentive enough. However, being a part of an Alliance is essential in this game for a number of other reasons, but that’s something to look forward to as you play. Enjoy!

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